The Health Benefits of Circumcision that Need to be Known

The Health Benefits of Circumcision that Need to be Known

From a health standpoint, the benefits of circumcision are quite a lot for men's health. In addition to reducing the risk of sexually transmitted infections, circumcision can also reduce the risk of urinary tract infections.

Circumcision is a surgical process performed to remove the skin covering the head of the penis. Not only done by children and adults, circumcision or the medical term we know as circumcision can also be done on babies. Circumcision can be performed on adults, children or infants. In newborns, circumcision can be done when the baby is 10 days old. However, this should only be done in a hospital and on the advice of a doctor.
Some of the health benefits of circumcision:

    Reducing the risk of sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis or herpes

    Prevent the occurrence of diseases of the penis organs such as pain in the head or foreskin of the penis which is commonly referred to in medical terms as phimosis

    Reducing the risk of urinary tract infections associated with kidney problems

    Makes penis health more awake because a circumcised penis is easier to clean

    Reducing the risk of penile cancer and cervical cancer in partners

Circumcision Warnings and Contraindications

Before undergoing a circumcision or circumcision procedure, the patient must first consult with a general practitioner or specialist. Doctors do not recommend circumcision procedures in patients with the following conditions:

    Have a deformed penis

    Suffer from a blood clotting disorder

    Have a small penis

    Suffering from hypospadias and epispadias, namely abnormalities in the position of the urethra and urinary opening in the penis

Preparations that need to be made before circumcision

    Patients who are about to undergo circumcision and need to get general anesthesia will be asked to fast a few hours before the procedure. Patients are also advised to ask family or friends to accompany and accompany them during the circumcision procedure.

    Consult a general practitioner or surgeon who will perform the circumcision procedure regarding any restrictions that must be followed before performing a circumcision, for example, stopping sexual intercourse.

After carrying out the circumcision procedure, the patient can immediately go home if the condition is stable and there are no complaints. However, immediately do an examination to the doctor if during the healing period after the circumcision action complaints and side effects appear such as:


    Bleeding that doesn't stop

    Fluid or pus discharge from the incision on the penis

    Unable to urinate or urine is not smooth
For friends of Hermina who want to do a consultation regarding circumcision or circumcision, you can immediately consult a general surgeon or pediatric surgeon at Hermina Makassar Hospital.

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