Can Minus Eyes Be Cured with Medicine?

Can Minus Eyes Be Cured with Medicine?

Nearsightedness or myopia can be suffered by anyone, both men and women. Farsightedness or minus eye or in medical language myopia is a disorder or disorder of the eye where it is difficult to see objects or objects that are far away look blurry because there is power from the color that is too strong or because the length of the eyeball is more than normal so that the image that should be visible on the retina the focal point of the retina falls in front of it so that it looks blurry when looking far away.

Causes of Minus Eyes or Nearsightedness

If one of Hermina's Friends' parents has nearsightedness, the chances of experiencing the same thing will be greater.

The risk is even greater if both parents of Friend Hermina both have minus eyes. Besides that, there are also risk factors for children who are born prematurely.

All activities at close range such as reading for a long time or writing and reading with a computer, mobile phone or other device.

Lack of Outdoor Activities
During the pandemic we are always in a room with insufficient lighting so those are factors that can make minuses appear faster or also result in the progression of minuses for people who already had minuses before.

Treating Nearsightedness or Minus Eyes

The way that can be done to treat myopia is through the most popular refractive surgery procedure, namely LASIK (laser in situ keratomileusis) with laser technology and removing minuses by changing the shape of the cornea so that it can focus light on the retina.

However, it is also important to know that treatment through surgery has requirements that need to be consulted first with an ophthalmologist.

Frequent use of drops or drinking medicine that is taken a lot and then minus can be cured of course this is not correct because minus eye is optical mechanics so the treatment is using glasses or contact lenses.

Prevent Minus Eyes

Do screening checks on children, especially those who have parental risk factors with minus eyes.
Follow the 20-20-20 rule. This rule recommends that everyone who is in front of a computer/cellphone for 20 minutes rest for 20 seconds and look at distant objects that are 20 feet (6 meters) away.
Do outdoor activities. In a week do up to 14 hours outside the home to prevent the minus from increasing, especially for children, don't just let them play gadgets.

If Hermina's friend experiences visual disturbances showing signs of nearsightedness such as difficulty seeing with focus, blurry vision, and headaches, immediately consult an ophthalmologist at Hermina Bekasi Hospital. Our doctor will help determine the best minus eye treatment. Friends of Hermina can come to the Sub-specialty Eye Clinic at Hermina Bekasi Hospital.
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