Helping Children's Cognition Development

Helping Children's Cognition Development

Children need a variety of games for their physical, mental and emotional development. Through play, children not only stimulate the growth of their muscles, but more than that. Children don't just jump, throw, or run.
But they play using all their emotions, feelings, and thoughts. Fun is a key element in playing. Children will play as long as the activity is entertaining. When they get bored, they will stop playing.

Play is an important element for children's development both physically, emotionally, mentally, intellectually, creatively and socially. Children who get enough opportunities to play will become adults who are easy to make friends for creativity,

Cognitive development is a change thinking or intellectual abilities. As as well as physical abilities. In development cognitive, critical thinking is something that important. When the child is interested in an object certain, their thinking skills will more complex. On the other hand, when children experiencing confusion about the subject certain.

Therefore a mother can introduce her child from an early age to raising animals at home can help the development of children's cognition, cognitive development includes ways of thinking, analyzing, and socially related to the way he interacts with the surrounding environment and emotionally.

Especially during the current COVID-19 pandemic, the transition of children to have activities at home with pets stimulates their emotions such as caring for, keeping clean the cage, is very beneficial. In addition, teaching children to love pets too, helps increase self-confidence in children. He will feel he has a sense of pride in the things he cared for or did well

With this stimulus, the child's empathy will be well developed and more importantly a sense of responsibility for his pet, if the child's positive effects or emotions are channeled correctly, slowly this child can grow independently. However, parents must always accompany and explain the purpose of each action in an effort to practice responsibility.

If traced more fully, caring for animals can also reduce the risk of stress in children. Because, stress can not only be experienced by parents, but also children, by playing with pets he can forget the little things that irritate him.

Cognitive development of children is very necessary to continue to be developed in early childhood. Cognitive development is a change in thinking or intellectual abilities.

As well as physical abilities. In cognitive development, critical thinking is important. When child interested in a particular object, skill thought they would be more complex.

On the other hand, when the child is confused to certain subjects. development Cognitive behavior in children occurs in a different order. This step helps explain how children think, store information and adapt to environment.

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