Commemorating World Diabetes Day, what is diabetes and its types ?

Commemorating World Diabetes Day, what is diabetes and its types ?

November 14 is always celebrated as World Diabetes Day. This warning is an initiation from WHO (World Health Organization) and IDF (International Diabetes Foundation).

The purpose of celebrating this day is to express concern about diabetes cases which increase every year. Diabetes is a disease that occurs due to a metabolic disorder characterized by insulin not working properly, resulting in high blood sugar levels. Insulin is a hormone that functions to digest sugar in the blood.

Diabetes is one of the highest causes of death in Indonesia, after stroke and heart disease. Indonesia is ranked fifth as the country with the highest number of diabetes sufferers in the world.

Types of Diabetes:
1. Diabetes mellitus type 1
This type of diabetes is a genetic disease, namely a disease that damages beta cells which function to produce insulin.
2. Diabetes mellitus type 2
In this disease, there is no insulin damage, but the body's sensitivity in responding to blood sugar levels decreases so that it is not optimal.
3.Gestational Diabetes
This disease usually attacks pregnant women in the 24th week. Even though it can heal on its own, if it is not handled properly it will increase the risk of the baby being born prematurely, the baby being overweight, and the baby being born with low blood pressure or hypoglycemia.

Diabetes is a disease that appears with symptoms. Although sometimes someone doesn't realize it and only finds out after checking their blood sugar. The following are signs of excess blood sugar:
- Often feel tired even though you are not doing excessive activity
- Often feel thirsty even though you have drunk enough water
- Unexplained weight loss
- often feel hungry
- When you have a wound it is difficult to heal
- blurred vision
- frequent urination
- Frequent infections, including the skin, gums and intimate organs

Hermina's friend, diabetes treatment takes a long time and requires patience. A person suffering from diabetes is required to carry out the 5 pillars of diabetes treatment, namely education, diet management, exercise, medication consumption and blood sugar monitoring. Perform regular medical check-ups as a way to prevent diabetes.

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