Know the Symptoms of Diabetes Mellitus

Know the Symptoms of Diabetes Mellitus

As one of the most dangerous health problems found in Indonesian society, diabetes must be treated as early as possible to avoid worse effects in the future.

Diabetes often appears without symptoms. However, there are some symptoms to watch out for as a condition for the possibility of diabetes.
o In Type I DM the classic symptoms that are commonly complained of are polyuria, polydipsia, polyphagia, weight loss, feeling tired quickly (fatigue), irritability, and pruritus (itching of the skin).
o In Type 2 DM, the symptoms complained of are generally almost non-existent. Type 2 DM often appears unnoticed, and treatment is only started several years later when the disease has progressed and complications have occurred. Type 2 DM sufferers are generally more susceptible to infection, have difficulty recovering from injuries, have poorer vision, and generally suffer from hypertension, hyperlipidemia, obesity, as well as complications in blood vessels and nerves.
One of the steps that can be taken by the community to get treatment as early as possible is to know and be sensitive to the various symptoms of diabetes mellitus that appear in the body.

Symptoms of Diabetes Mellitus
Based on the symptoms, Diabetes Mellitus is divided into 2, namely the main symptoms and additional symptoms. Are as follows:
 1. Main Symptoms:
 A. Frequent urination intensity
B. Quickly feel hungry
C. Often feel thirsty
 2. Additional Symptoms:
 • Rapid weight loss for no apparent reason
• Tingling
• Itching in the genital area in women
• vaginal discharge in women
• Wounds that are difficult to heal
• Impotence in men
• Boils that come and go
• Blurred vision
• Get tired quickly
• Easy to fall asleep

For Friends of Hermina, if you experience symptoms like the one above, don't panic. Friends can consult and entrust to a specialist in Internal Medicine, Hermina Metland Cibitung Hospital. Healthy Greetings

 By knowing the various symptoms of diabetes mellitus above, it is hoped that people can understand and immediately go for an examination at the nearest health facility, immediately after experiencing some of the symptoms above.

Continue to apply healthy lifestyle behaviors by eating nutritious food, exercising or light physical activity for at least 30 minutes a day and regularly checking your blood sugar at the nearest health facility.

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