Know the Causes and Symptoms of Brain Stroke (Cerebrovascular Disease).

Know the Causes and Symptoms of Brain Stroke (Cerebrovascular Disease).

Cerebrovascular accident (CVA) is the third-highest cause of death after heart disease and cancer. Cerebrovascular atrophy, or CVA, is often found in the elderly. Celebrovascular disease (CVA) is caused by a lack of blood supply, depriving brain cells of oxygen and nutrients. The longer the blood flow is interrupted, the greater the level of damage to the brain.

Factors that cause cerebrovascular disease:

1. Intermittent hypertension or high blood pressure

2. Diabetes

3. Heart problems

4. Uric acid

5. Obesity

6. Smoking

Conditions that fall under the category of cerebrovascular disease include:


is the most common type of cerebrovascular disease. The hallmark of a stroke is a permanent loss of sensation or motor function. Two common categories of stroke are hemorrhagic (bleeding into the brain) and ischemic (inadequate blood flow to the brain).

2. Transient ischemic attack (TIA)

This disease is similar to a stroke, but the symptoms will completely disappear within 24 hours. A TIA is sometimes referred to as a mini stroke.

3. Aneurysm of the blood vessels supplying the brain

An aneurysm can result from weakening of the artery wall, resulting in a bulge in the blood vessel.

4. Vascular dementia

Cognitive impairment, which is usually permanent and may worsen over time. This condition, which often affects the elderly, occurs due to blood vessel disorders in the brain.

Cerebrovascular symptoms often appear suddenly and can be categorized as an emergency condition. Therefore, it is necessary to know the symptoms of celebrovascular

1. Sudden, severe headache

2. Paralysis or weakness on one side of the body

3. Difficulty speaking

4. Sudden confusion

5. Difficulty walking

Treatment of cerebrovascular disease will be carried out according to the type of disease experienced. So that brain damage does not get worse, treatment needs to be done as soon as possible after symptoms appear. Most of the celebrovascular treatment uses several drugs, such as blood-thinning drugs, cholesterol drugs, and anti-hypertensive drugs. If it is more than that, it is necessary to perform surgery or insert a stent, which is used to clear the blockage in the blood.

Cerebrovascular Disease Prevention:

1. Implement a healthy lifestyle.

2. Manage blood cholesterol and blood pressure.

3. Exercise regularly.

4. Quit smoking.

5. Avoid consuming alcoholic beverages.

6. Avoid using drugs.

Although cerebrovascular disease can cause disability and death, many people live full lives. Your chances are better if you receive immediate treatment and consult yourself at Hermina Hospital if you experience the above symptoms.

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