Getting to Know Stroke and its Prevention

Getting to Know Stroke and its Prevention

Stroke, according to WHO, is deficit neurology focal or global consequences disturbance function Cerebral what happened by sudden , lasting > 24 hours or died , caused simply because _ abnormality vessels blood brain , including eye stroke and spinal cord . Strokes appear when occur blockage or broken vessels the blood that carries oxygen and nutrition leading to to brain . Blockage could caused existence sticky plaque _ on wall part in vessels blood so that part related brain _ with vessels blood the no get oxygen and nutrition , which results in the cells that are on part the will dead . Whereas broken vessels blood occur consequence from height pressure the blood that happened Keep going continuously.

Based on the cause , the stroke is distinguished into 2 types that is:

Stroke Occurs by 85% of the average stroke patient . Ischemic stroke occur consequence vessels blood arteries on brain experience narrowing or blockage ( clotting ) blood ) so that cause Genre blood reduced.

Stroke Occurs by 15% of the average stroke patient . Occur if vessels blood in the brain experience leakage or rupture ( bleeding ). Bleeding brain could occur because many Thing including pressure inclined blood _ always height , usage drug group anticoagulants , and dot, dot, dot weak on vessels blood ( aneurysm ). Bleeding could occur intracerebral or in layers subarachnoid.

Sign and Symptoms of Current Stroke
a stroke will occur appear deficit Neurological what happened in the form of focal and globally. Signs deficit neurological focal in the form of deficit function motor (hemiparesis, hemiplegia), deficits function sensory ( hemihypesthesia ), deficit function nerve cranial , gangbang function sublime ( aphasia , agnosia), complaints to direction vertebrobasilar ( view double , dark a moment , baal around mouth , ear ringing , hard swallowing , choking , sound nasal ). Signs deficit global neurology in the form of drop consciousness , pain headache , vomiting , convulsions caused by increase in TTIK.

By general sign and the symptoms of a stroke are:

  • Arm , leg or both of them experience weakness . This thing could Becomes total paralysis of one side body.
  • Face experience weakness and wrong one side face experience slope . This thing could cause somebody salivate.
  • Experience problem on balance , coordination , vision , speech / communication , or swallow.
  • Dizzy.
  • Numb to part body.
  • Sick head.
  • Confusion.
  • Lost awareness.
  • Disturbance speak.
  • View double / dark All.
  • Round numb mouth.
  • Ear ringing.
  • Nauseous vomit.

Fast way knowing occurrence of stroke with use method FAST : 

 F - facial weakness ( weakness on face ): ask somebody for smile or see on glass for see is mouth or eye experience slope.
A - arm weakness _ on arm ): ask somebody for lift hand , look if arm capable hold.
S - speech disturbance ( trouble talk ) : ask somebody for repeat pronunciation you.
T - time ( time ): count time start symptom arise.


Factor Risk of Stroke
Stroke caused by many factor shared risk _ factor risk modifiable (hypertension , diabetes mellitus , atrial fibrillation) and disease valve heart , hematocrit , fibrinogen, polycythemia , hypercholesterolemia , pills contraception , smoking , alcohol , obesity) and nonmodifiable (age , race , gender gender , history family , previous stroke).


  • Age

The risk of stroke increases double _ _ every increase 10 years old from 55 years old . 

  • History your family

 will have more stroke risk big if have parents , grandparents , siblings who are also had a stroke. 

  • Type gender of

each year incidence of stroke in woman more many than men , and more strokes many cause Dead on woman than man . A number of condition following make woman have increased risk of stroke big ie
- Usage birth control
-  Pills - Pregnancy
- History of pre - eclampsia / eclampsia
- Gestational diabetes / current diabetes pregnancy
- Smoking
- Living therapy hormone post menopause. 

  • Pressure blood high

Height pressure blood is reason main occurrence of stroke, and Thing this is factor the most important risk for controlled . 

  • Smoking

Inside a number of year lately show that smoke is a major risk factor important noticed because nicotine and carbon monoxide contained in _ cigarette could damage system cardiovascular in various way . 

  • Diabetes mellitus

Diabetes is a factor risk independent for onset of stroke. Part big people with diabetes too have pressure blood high cholesterol _ tall and advantages heavy body . all Thing this the more increase risk occurrence of stroke. Although diabetes is treated , however existence of 3 conditions other permanent will increase stroke risk . 

  • Cholesterol high

cholesterol levels could increase stroke risk.

  • Pattern eating

pattern eat tall fat saturated, trans and fat cholesterol increase rate cholesterol in blood . High food salt will increase pressure blood . Whereas high food  carbohydrate contribute for increase rate sugar in blood.

  • Lack of activity Physical

Lack activity though body and obesity or both of them could increase risk happening hypertension , cholesterol high , diabetes, disease heart and of course strokes. Do though body at least 30 minutes every day by routine.


Stroke Prevention 

  • Stop smoke.
  • Control pressure blood.
  • Have heavy ideal body.
  • Have rate cholesterol in blood high.
  • To do activity physique like exercise for at least 30 minutes every day.
  • Change pattern eat Becomes more healthy with multiply fruit and vegetables and reduce consumption cholesterol.
  • Limit consumption alcohol.
  • Control rate sugar blood to stay controlled.
  • Enough sleep.


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