Improving Healthy Lifestyle

Improving Healthy Lifestyle

Friends of Hermina Serpong, healthy living is one of the goals for everyone. A hectic routine can trap a person to lead a lifestyle that can unwittingly have a bad influence on the quality of health. The habit of delaying eating for reasons of being busy or choosing arbitrary menus, slowly but surely can trigger a variety of health problems.
Well, a balanced nutritional intake is one of the important factors that play a role in supporting one's health. Merely satisfying hunger is not enough.

There are several steps to eating food, besides that balanced nutrition must be considered.
The four pillars of balanced nutrition, namely:

1. Maintain a Normal Weight
One measure that shows that there is a nutritional balance in the body is having an ideal body weight which can be assessed by the Body Mass Index (BMI). With the application of balanced nutrition can maintain body weight to remain ideal.

2. Consumption of a Variety of Staple Foods
The purpose of eating a variety of foods is to ensure that we get nutritional intake from various types of food. The reason is that there is no single type of food that contains all types of nutrients, except breast milk which is the main food for infants aged 0 to 6 months. After this age, babies should receive complementary foods (MPASI) to ensure they grow and develop properly. Therefore, we are encouraged to consume a variety of foods on a regular basis every day. Consumption must be in a balanced proportion of food in sufficient quantities and not excessive.

3. Clean Living Behavior
Getting used to a clean lifestyle can prevent us from the emergence of bacteria. Bacterial contamination of the body and food can be avoided or at least reduced by improving personal hygiene. Consuming food that has been contaminated with bacteria can cause disease if we do not maintain food hygiene.
Bacterial contamination of the body and food can be avoided or at least reduced by improving personal hygiene. Some clean living habits include washing hands with soap before contact with food and covering food with a serving hood.
4. Routine Physical Activity
The application of a healthy lifestyle is not only limited to a balanced nutritional intake. Every food and drink contains calories, which will be used as energy during activities. Therefore, it is important to have an active lifestyle and exercise regularly.
Physical activity is all body activities, including sports which is one way to balance the entry and exit of nutrients, especially the main source of energy and the body. Imbalance of nutritional intake and physical activity can cause nutritional problems.

Friends of Hermina Serpong, So that calories can be burned and not just piled up. When the body is inactive and the consumption of calories exceeds the amount needed by the body, the calories will be stored as fat. This can then make you gain weight. Let's take a look at some other practical tips for maintaining a balanced diet:
1.    Limit the consumption of sweet, salty and fatty foods
2. Get used to eating side dishes that contain high protein
3.  Wash your hands with soap and running water
4. Get used to breakfast
5. Get used to drinking enough and safe water
6.    Eat lots of fruits and vegetables
7. Get into the habit of reading labels on food packaging
8. Be grateful and enjoy a variety of foods

For Friends of Hermina Serpong, let's make it a habit to live a healthy lifestyle by paying attention to nutritional intake so that the body is always protected from disease and remains strong in carrying out daily activities, if there are further complaints, please immediately consult with Dr. Dian Araminta Ramadhania, M. Gizi. Sp.GK
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