Maintain Healthy Teeth and Mouth During Fasting

Maintain Healthy Teeth and Mouth During Fasting

Maintaining healthy teeth and mouth must still be considered by people who fast. During fasting in Ramadan, diet and sleep schedules inevitably change.
This leads to an increased risk of dental and oral problems because the usual diet from morning to night will be reversed. Sometimes people neglect to brush their teeth at night, especially after suhoor.
If left continuously, dental and oral health will deteriorate. This can be avoided and prevented with some tips summarized from various sources. Check out some tips on maintaining healthy teeth and mouth while fasting.

1) A balanced diet can also maintain healthy teeth and mouth while fasting. Balance with the consumption of fruits and vegetables that contain vitamin C ( such as oranges, guavas, mangoes) , oral diseases such as canker sores and other infections can be avoided, the mouth becomes healthier and fasting runs smoothly.

2) Toothbrush is the most important and mandatory thing to maintain healthy teeth and mouth. Brush your teeth at least twice a day for 2 minutes, after suhoor and before going to bed at night. Make sure all sides of the teeth and the borders of the gums and teeth are brushed. Not only that, the use of dental floss to clean food debris stuck between teeth can also provide better hygiene.

3) Avoid eating too fast because it can disrupt the digestive system. Try to eat slowly and chew food with the right and left sides balanced until you find a smooth shape before swallowing it. Eating too fast can disrupt the digestive system and increase the risk of dental and oral problems.

4) Consume enough water. During fasting, make sure to consume water first when breaking fast or suhoor. Water helps neutralize acidic conditions in the mouth, rinse food debris and prevent dehydration, which can lead to dry mouth, increasing the risk of dental cavities and discomfort in the mouth area (such as bad breath). According to research, good water consumption is 8 glasses a day or more approximately about 2 liters. Examples of patterns that can be applied are with 2 glasses of water when breaking the fast, 4 glasses of water after tarawih and before going to bed at night and 2 glasses of water before imsak.


By following some of the tips above, it is expected to help reduce and maintain healthy teeth and mouth during Ramadan. Happy fasting. Consult your dental and oral health and family at RSU Hermina Balikpapan. Dental Polyclinic Registration : 0813-4680-9035

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