Is There a Spot on Your Face? Don't worry, Here are the causes of black spots and how to deal with them.

Is There a Spot on Your Face? Don't worry, Here are the causes of black spots and how to deal with them.

A clean, beautiful, and wrinkle-free face is every woman's dream. But not infrequently, stains appear that reduce its beauty. There are numerous causes of black spots that seriously impair beauty. But with proper handling of this problem, it can be resolved soon so that facial skin is clean and beautiful again.

This facial problem can be experienced by all ages, especially by those who often do activities outside the home and are exposed to direct sunlight. Even though you have used sunblock, it turns out that black spots can still appear at any time.


Black spot causes

Optimal protection and routine skin care using trusted products can maintain elasticity and protect the face. Thus, black spots do not appear easily. This uneven color arises because the skin absorbs ultraviolet rays from the sun. Because it provides protection, this is the most appropriate step.

Apart from sunlight, pigmentation, or the natural coloring process of the skin, is also very influential, which is why black spots appear. Each skin has its own natural pigment that determines the color.Melamine is a type that causes black spots to appear because of its uneven presence.

Another cause is genetics. Someone who has a family with uneven pigmentation conditions has the potential to experience the same thing. This natural condition can cause pigment to appear at a certain age.

Next is the skin brightness level. A person with light skin will appear to have more visible black spots. This happens because the two contrasting colors make it easy to see even though the appearance of spots is not severe.

Black spots on several points of the face are not only unsightly, but they can also cause a lack of confidence. Covering it with cosmetics is the fastest way to get rid of black spots.

This method, however, cannot be used indefinitely.Covering the face with cosmetics for a long time can cause clogged pores. The risk is that oil production, sweat, and dirt cannot get out, and there is a risk of pimples appearing.


How to Overcome Black Spots

A doctor is the best person to handle black spots. By using modern procedures and technology, the cause and the most appropriate method for removing black spots can be identified.

The mushrooming of beauty clinics encourages the emergence of various techniques to restore the beauty of facial skin. Now, anyone can have a beautiful face that is clean and free from black spots. Because it is handled by professionals in their fields, the process is safe and secure. What are the ways to get rid of black spots?

1. Using cream

Beauty creams issued by clinics, beauty doctors, or hospitals have been clinically tested. The formula is adapted to the patient's skin condition. Before making a prescription, the doctor will first examine it in detail. Because each person's skin problems are different, one cannot carelessly use a doctor's cream that is suitable for others.

2. Chemical peels

Chemical peeling is the latest technology in the field of beauty. By using certain chemicals, dead skin cells that experience excess pigmentation will be gently removed. This process should only be carried out by experienced professionals. Routine chemical peeling treatments can quickly erode dead skin cells that accumulate and cause spots.

3. Lasers

The technique of removing spots using a laser gives faster results than using creams or chemical peels. This type of laser is used specifically for beauty. It works by destroying the excess pigment. It also erodes the dark layers of skin so that they appear lighter in color.

This laser technique is the choice of many people to get clean facial skin without dark spots. Whatever the cause of black spots, they can be resolved with laser techniques. The thing that needs attention is that some people are very sensitive to certain types of lasers, so that swelling, redness, or other colors can appear.


The next way is by using liquid nitrogen, which is put on the skin that has black spots. Part of the skin will experience the exfoliation process and appear to have a lighter color. This process is safe and can treat spots in no time. But before doing it, you have to go through a doctor's examination because something is not suitable for cryosurgery.

5. Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion is a facial skin treatment using special tools that can only be done by a beautician. To remove facial skin surfaces that have a darker color, the doctor will use an abrasive tool. This technique is quite comfortable and safe for all skin types.

By knowing the causes of black spots and how to deal with them, now everyone can have clean, well-groomed skin. The development of technology in the field of beauty is a breakthrough for restoring facial skin health and self-confidence. Choosing the right place for beauty treatments will determine the results and satisfaction of the Friends of Hermina.

Friends of Hermina can consult a skin and genital specialist at the hospital about black spots. Hermina's closest friend or Hermina's best friend can also consult online with a hospital specialist. Hermina through the Hello Hermina application.

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