Optimization of Child Development

Optimization of Child Development

The basic needs of children consist of several important points, namely:

1. Foster care (physical needs - biomedical), including nutrition, immunization, hygiene, medication, clothing, shelter, environmental sanitation, etc.

2. Asih (need for emotion/affection): a close, intimate and harmonious relationship between the mother/substitute mother and the child is an absolute requirement to guarantee the harmonious growth and development of children physically, mentally and psycho-socially.

3. Sharpening (need for mental stimulation), which is the beginning of the learning process in children, where it will develop psychosocial mentality, intelligence, skills, independence, creativity, religion, personality, moral-ethics, productivity, etc.

Factors that affect the growth and development of children

1. Internal factors: race/ethnicity or nation, family, age, gender, genetics, chromosomal abnormalities

2. External factors:

• Prenatal: nutrition, mechanics, toxins, endocrine, radiation, infections, immunological disorders, embryo anoxia, maternal psychology

•       Labor

• Postnatal: Nutrition, chronic disease/congenital disorder, physical and chemical environment, psychological, endocrine, socio-economic, parenting environment, stimulation, drugs

What are the aspects of child development?

• Gross motion or gross motor

the child's ability to carry out movements and postures that involve large muscles such as sitting, standing and so on

• Smooth motion or fine motor

The ability to perform Movement involves small muscles and requires careful coordination such as pinching, writing and so on

• Speech and Language skills

the ability to respond to sound, speak, communicate, follow orders and so on

• Socialization and independence

children's independent abilities (eating alone, cleaning up toys), separation from mother/caregiver, socializing and interacting with their environment, and so on

What are the characteristics of development in children

• Development creates change

• Early stages of growth and development determine later stages

• Growth and development have different speeds

• Development related to growth

• Development has a fixed pattern

• Development has successive stages

In essence, optimize the growth and development of YOUR child

Genetic: Mother's preparation (nutrition, habits, lifestyle, etc.)

Environment: a healthy, clean, loving environment, etc

Intervention: Nutrition and Immunization

Stimulation: from the womb onwards

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