Parents Must Know! What affects a child's growth and development?

Parents Must Know! What affects a child's growth and development?

Who is included in the category of children?
According to the WHO definition, the age limit for a child is from the time the child is in the womb until the age of 19 years. The difference in this age range also needs to be understood by parents, because parents need to understand in order to be able to independently detect early growth and development disorders according to their age. Children are then categorized based on the age range which is intended to find out what phase of growth and development they are in:
1. Sensorimotor Stage (Age 18 - 24 months): During this period, infants develop an understanding of the world by coordinating sensory experiences (seeing, hearing) with motor actions (reaching, touching).
2. Preoperational stage (2-7 years): At this stage, children cannot use logic or change, combine, or separate ideas or thoughts.
3. Concrete Operational Stage (Age 7 - 11 Years): Children are mature enough to use logical thinking or thinking, but can only apply logic to physical objects.
4. Formal Operational stage (12 years and over): During adolescence, they acquire the ability to think abstractly by manipulating ideas in their heads, without relying on concrete manipulation.

What is "grow up"?
Growth is an increase in size consisting of: body weight (can decrease,) height (stays and continues to increase until the growth period is complete), head circumference (is permanent and continues to increase until the growth period is complete).
Then how to monitor the growth of children?
Monitoring of growth and development can be done by taking measurements regularly: weight, height/body length, head circumference The results will be interpreted by health workers through monitoring the growth curve.

What is "flower"?
Development is a process of increasing physical, intellectual and emotional changes that coincide with growth. There are several domains in child development, which are as follows:

What affects a child's growth and development?
Growth in children is influenced by various factors:
1. Social and cultural factors
2. Factors of care from parents (parenting)
3. Environment
4. Nutrients that children get
5. Parental behavior

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