The effect of type 1 diabetes on children's teeth and mouth

The effect of type 1 diabetes on children's teeth and mouth

The influence of diabetes on children's teeth and mouth needs to be watched out for. As quoted from the American Dental Association website, poor blood sugar regulation makes children with diabetes more susceptible to various dental and oral problems.


Knowing the effect of diabetes on children's oral health.
Know how to treat and prevent oral disease in children with diabetes.
Caring for and maintaining healthy teeth is very important because various dental diseases will arise. It is important to know the symptoms and characteristics of unhealthy teeth and gums. Below is the definition in the medical world of healthy and unhealthy teeth as follows:

Healthy Gums are gums that look firm, bright pink, and are turgid and without bleeding. Vaginal discharge, dark color, and even bleeding or the presence of bruised gums are symptoms of several diseases or infections of the gums. To maintain healthy teeth and gums, regularly brush your teeth at night before going to bed and maintain your eating and drinking habits, so that your food is not too sweet and your drinks are not too hot or cold.
Gingivitis (inflammation of the gums) is a condition that occurs due to inflammation of the gums which is characterized by swelling and redness of the gums around the base of the teeth. The cause of Gingivitis (inflammation of the gums) is initially the accumulation of food residue on the teeth and gums. The accumulated food residue then hardens and turns into plaque.
Periodontitis is a gum infection that damages teeth, soft tissue and the bone that supports teeth. Periodontitis is a complication of untreated gum inflammation (gingivitis). If this condition occurs in the long term, the tissue around the gums and teeth will be damaged, causing tooth loss. Because teeth that have been attacked by gingivitis and are not treated immediately result in infection of the gums and cause bacteria, the gums become swollen and pus appears in the gums.
The causes of unhealthy teeth and gums are:

1. Saliva production decreases

2. Bacteria and acid easily stick to teeth and gums

3. Occurrence of gingivitis

4. Abscesses on the gums, loose teeth and bad breath

Apart from that, make sure to maintain good dental hygiene, namely brush your teeth regularly at least twice a day. Drinking lots of water can also help avoid the risk of bad breath in people with diabetes so that the mouth and throat do not dry out. Check your child's dental health at the nearest pediatric dentist

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