Hello Hermina's friends, especially for pregnant women, currently the transmission of COVID-19 is everywhere. You know, even in hospitals, health protocols are already running well.  For now, the findings about pregnancy with COVID-19 in pregnancy have not collected much data.


Pregnancy Checkup During the Corona Virus Pandemic

Pregnant women are more at risk of being infected with the coronavirus because their immune systems are weaker. That is why, if there is no urgent need, pregnant women are advised not to leave the house during the COVID-19 pandemic, let alone go to the hospital. Even so, checks still need to be carried out regularly to ensure the health of pregnant women and fetuses. Through this examination, the doctor can find out if there are disturbances or complications in the pregnancy and can immediately overcome them. Pregnant women should still undergo pregnancy checkups, although not as often as usual. Schedule of recommended check-ups during the virus pandemic:

  • First trimester (pregnancy weeks 11-13)
  • Second trimester (20 weeks of pregnancy)
  • Third trimester (pregnancy weeks 28-37)


Beware of Symptoms That Can Harm Pregnant Women and Fetuses.

There are several symptoms that pregnant women should watch out for and need to be checked by a doctor even though they have never had a routine visit. The following are the symptoms experienced by pregnant women:

  • Great vomit
  • Bleeding from the vagina
  • Severe abdominal pain or contractions
  • Rupture of membranes
  • High blood pressure
  • Great headache
  • Don't feel fetal movement
  • Seizure In general


the symptoms in pregnant women and the severity of the symptoms are the same as in ordinary people. Depending on the risk, it can even be asymptomatic. For now, the transmission of COVID-19 from mother to fetus has not been found, so it is most likely that COVID-19 does not cause abnormalities in the fetus.


Pregnancy and childbirth are indeed physiological or normal processes, but with existing risk factors that make them pathological or require special treatment. For that pregnancy examination, an ultrasound and laboratory tests must be done.


Don't forget to consult a Hermina doctor dr Ivan M. Sondakh, Sp.Og if the complaint does not improve within 1 week for the right treatment and according to your health condition, and don't be afraid to come to the hospital, because since the beginning of the pandemic, every hospital, including Hermina Hospital, has been committed to protecting patients, doctors, and all health workers and carrying out all health protocols.

Stay safe and always obey health protocols.


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