The Importance of Preventing Stunting in the First 1000 Days

The Importance of Preventing Stunting in the First 1000 Days

Hermina's friends know that prevention is better than cure, right? Well ... the same thing with Stunting. The importance of preventing early stunting. What is Stunting? Stunting is short stature caused by malnutrition for a long time (especially at 1000 HPK)

What are the causes of Stunting?

Poor maternal health and nutrition.

Stunting mother, anemia, delivery distance too close, teenage pregnancy

Inadequate infant and child feeding practices.

No IMD, no exclusive breastfeeding, poor quality complementary foods

Infection at 1000 HPK

Poor parenting, sanitation and hygiene, poor socioeconomic status, lack of health services

How does Stunting impact?


Weakness of the immune system

Disorders of brain development

Achievement and low IQ


short stature

High risk of diabetes, metabolic disease in adulthood

Less productivity

And this is how to prevent stunting

Balanced nutrition and supplements to increase blood for pregnant women

Early initiation of breastfeeding and exclusive breastfeeding

Quality MPASI

Monitor Toddler growth and development

Complete immunizations and vitamin A capsules

Clean and healthy lifestyle

Well, Mother, if you want to know more about the development of your baby, immediately consult the doctor Merry Lia Desvina, SpA.

Registration to a Pediatrician, especially to the doctor Merry Lia Desvina, SpA, can be done through online registration:

1. Call Center: 1500 488

2. Mobile apps: Halo Hermina (available for iOS and Android)

3. Website:

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