The Importance of Maintaining Children's Dental Health

The Importance of Maintaining Children's Dental Health

The Importance of Maintaining Health 

As a parent, it is very important to take care of your child's overall health, including oral health. But in reality, not many parents are aware of and teach their children about the importance of maintaining dental and oral health from an early age. Many parents think that if their children are diligent in brushing their teeth, it is enough to keep their teeth and mouth healthy.
In terms of dental and oral health problems, many health problems lurk if parents are not able to take care of their children's dental and oral health properly. Routinely brushing teeth regularly is one way to maintain dental and oral health in children. But that's not enough. The risk of disease can increase if the child rarely brushes his teeth and often consumes sweets and excessive sugary foods and drinks. Habits like that can damage teeth. Here's a look at dental problems in children, as follows:
1. Cavities
Not only adults, children are more prone to cavities. This is because children rarely brush their teeth regularly, moreover they often consume foods and drinks that contain high sugar levels, especially because parents are less aware of their child's oral and dental health.

2. Gum infection
Disorders of the gums can occur due to a lack of special attention to the little one, especially if the child is not accustomed to brushing his teeth properly and properly and poor oral hygiene such as periodontists. This condition is a serious gum infection that damages soft tissue and can cause teeth to fall out

3. Broken tooth
Broken teeth may occur in young children. If this happens, please immediately take your child to the dentist to prevent other dental problems that may occur
4. Thrush
When children do not have milk teeth, parents will choose liquid food for their little ones to consume. This is followed by the understanding of parents that cleaning the child's oral cavity is not necessary. Even though it is very important to clean the child's mouth because the child's gums and tongue are susceptible to being a source of bacteria and fungi. This can cause oral problems such as canker sores that make children feel uncomfortable

5. Gingivitis
Disorders of the gums can occur due to dental and oral hygiene of children who are not properly maintained. In general, gingivitis can occur in children who lack vitamin C accompanied by dental care that is not monitored by parents. Signs of gingivitis are characterized by bleeding gums and canker sores.
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