Causes of Bad Breath and Its Prevention

Causes of Bad Breath and Its Prevention

Halitosis or often known as bad breath, is a condition that can be experienced by anyone.  Symptoms of halitosis are the appearance of an unpleasant smell that comes out of the mouth that often causes the person who experiences it to feel less confident.  This is caused by a reaction in the mouth between saliva, bacteria, and proteins that give rise to volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs) gas that smells bad.

Causes or Triggers

Hallitosis (bad breath) can be caused or triggered by several things such as

  • Poor hygiene of teeth and mouth,
  • There is an accumulation of tartar,
  • Dry mouth,
  • Systemic diseases such as mag, GERD, diabetes, sinusistics, kidney disease,
  • Nausea and vomiting during pregnancy,
  • Fungal and bacterial infections of the oral cavity,
  • Habits such as smoking, coffee drinking habits, alcohol drinking habits

Prevention or Treatment

  • Gargle water after eating, drink sweet, smoke, and drink coffee
  • Be sure to drink enough water so that the body is hydrated,
  • Maintain dental and oral hygiene by brushing your teeth in the morning after breakfast and the night before bedtime,
  • Reduce cigarettes, coffee, alcohol, and don't forget to consult a dentist to get clearer and more precise education according to the cause.
  • Halitosis associated with systemic diseases is likely to also be consulted by a doctor in another field.

    The problem of bad breath often occurs and is not a deadly health condition. But this condition often embarrasses and takes away a person's self-confidence. However, the condition, which in medical terms is called halitosis, is usually a sign that a person has poor dental and oral health.

    No therefore, Friends of Hermina, immediately check the dental doctor if you experience hylatolis or bad breath problems, so as to get help and treatment as soon as possible. And entrust your health services & family at Hermina Periuk Hospital Tangerang because Hermina Periuk Hospital Tangerang is "Safe & Comfortable". Check the doctor's schedule on the website and mobile apps "Mobile Hermina".



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