Causes and Treatment of Lumps on the Legs

Causes and Treatment of Lumps on the Legs

Sahabat Hermina, the appearance of lumps on the feet often causes concern. Some are dangerous and some are not. Lumps can be caused by trauma, infection, inflammation, or tissue growth. Lumps are usually soft, hard, painful, or painless. To get the right treatment, make sure the cause of the appearance of the lump.

Causes of Lumps on Legs

The appearance of bumps on the feet can be caused by many things. Often these lumps originate from soft tissue such as fat, cysts, blood vessels, nerves or muscles. It can also arise from abnormalities in the skin. Most of these lumps are benign. However, there are still lumps to watch out for. Here are some possible causes of lumps on the feet that often occur:

  • Ganglion cysts, which are cysts that usually appear near joints. These cysts are filled with joint fluid.
  • Lipoma, which is a benign tumor that originates from fatty tissue.
  • Plantar fibroma, a benign tumor on the soles of the feet that originates from connective tissue (called the plantar fascia ligament).
  • Bunion, which is a sticky lump on the big toe bone. Accompanied by signs of inflammation such as pain and redness.
  • Clavus, which is a thickening of the skin that occurs due to repeated pressure. Serign accompanied by pain.
  • Neurofibroma, a benign tumor of the peripheral nervous system. This case rarely occurs in the foot area.
  • Warts on the soles of the feet, caused by infection with the HPV virus (human papilloma virus).

Meanwhile, pain in the legwhich is getting worse or a lump whose progressiveness is getting bigger should be watched out for and needs immediate treatment. The doctor will evaluate and perform a method to diagnose a lump in the leg according to the cause. Medicines or surgery may be needed to remove the lump. So, make sure to always consult a doctor about the right treatment to deal with your complaints.

Handling lumps on the feet

The appearance of a lump in the foot causes a feeling of discomfort and limits movement. So, is there an effective way to deal with it?

Handling lumps in the feet can be done operatively or non-operatively depending on the cause. For operative treatment should be done by medical personnel or doctors. Whereas non-operative treatment can be carried out by observation at the hospital and if recovered, it can be done by outpatient treatment at home. Stay healthy.

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