Causes of Leg Cramps at Night

Causes of Leg Cramps at Night


Have you ever experienced leg cramps at night, especially the calf area? Of course this is very disturbing and makes a person feel uncomfortable and reduces the quality of good sleep. Leg cramps that occur at night are called nocturnal leg cramps. Cramps are pain that occurs when the muscles tighten or contract suddenly. Pain in the legs, especially the calves, this can last for a few seconds. But in some cases, the pain can last longer.

Therefore, this can be a cause of disturbed sleep quality at night. Although it can also occur in the thighs and legs, it is reported that around 20% of adults have experienced attacks of pain, especially in the calves. There are several risk factors that can increase the tendency towards pain like that, including:
1. Age over 50 years.

Stepping on the age of the elderly, over 50 years, the risk of experiencing leg cramps at night increases with age

2. Pregnancy, especially in the third trimester

This can happen especially in the third trimester in pregnant women because of their condition, which experiences a decrease in the amount of minerals, calcium and magnesium at the end of gestation.

3. Chronic dehydration or electrolyte disturbances.

One of the causes of leg cramps is chronic dehydration. Dehydration is a lack of fluids in the body. The body's cells cannot coordinate properly, causing a disturbance in the electrolyte balance that regulates muscle contractions.

4. Drug use.

Someone who often takes certain drugs such as contraceptive pills, antipsychotics, high blood pressure medications, acid or steroid drugs can increase

5. Use of alcohol and caffeine

For those of you who often experience attacks like this, it is recommended that to avoid alcohol and caffeine, do regular stretching exercises and most importantly if an attack occurs, stretch your legs and can be followed by a warm shower and the water is directed to the part that hurts more or less 5 minutes.

If leg cramps at night often occur in your body and interfere with sleep quality, it is better to immediately do a self-examination to a Neurologist at Hermina Makassar Hospital.

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