Kangaroo Method of Care

Kangaroo Method of Care

Kangaroo method treatment is a method of treatment that involves making direct contact between the skin of the mother or father and the baby (skin-to-skin contact), where the mother or father uses their body temperature to warm the baby as an alternative to the incubator. performed on infants with low body weight ≤ 2000 gr.



Components of the Kangaroo Method of Care

  • Kangoroo Position

            Placing the baby in an upright position on the mother's or father's chest with skin-to-skin contact (not wearing top clothes)

  • Kangoroo Nutrition

            Breastfeeding to increase body weight

  • Kangoroo Support

           Support for MOM

  • Kangoroo Discharge

            Familiarize mothers with kangaroo care so they can do it at home.


Benefits of the Kangaroo Method of Care for Babies

  1. Temperature stability, heart rate, and respiratory rate stability
  2. Better weight gain
  3. Increase the growth and development of the baby.
  4. Baby's sleep time is longer.
  5. Reduced incidence of infection


Mother's Advantages 

  • Mother is more confident.
  • The emotional bond between mother and child is stronger.
  • Facilitate breastfeeding
  • Increased milk production
  • Can engage in other activities while receiving Kangaroo Method Care



When can the Kangaroo Method Treatment be evaluated

The mother and family are willing and understand the Kangaroo Method of Care as soon as the baby's condition is stable.


Kangaroo Method Care is divided into two categories.

  • Intermittent Kangaroo Method care, which is carried out on infants with severe illnesses or conditions requiring intensive care, may even require the assistance of tools. In this condition, Kangaroo Method care is not carried out all the time but is only carried out if the mother visits the baby who is still in incubator care.
  • Perawatan Metode Kanguru Kontinyu yaitu bayi dengan kondisi stabil bernapas alami tanpa bantuan oksigen dan alat bantu lainnya dilakukan terus menerus.


Steps of Care: Kangaroo Method

  • Raise the temperature of the room.
  • The baby's clothes are opened using only diapers.
  • Position the baby upright, between the breasts, with the baby's chest against the mother's chest. Is it safe to position the baby in a long cloth or kangaroo shirt
  • Mother dresses in front-open clothes.
  • The baby's head is tilted to the right or left, with a slight tilt.
  • Don't bend forward and look very high. The end of the strap is under the baby's ear.
  • The baby's groin should be positioned like that of a frog, with hands bent.
  • The bond must be strong and cover the baby's chest.
  • Don't put pressure on the baby's stomach; it is in the mother's solar plexus.


The Kangaroo Method of Care is beneficial in significantly reducing the number of newborn deaths, preventing low birth weight babies from getting cold, stabilizing babies, reducing the occurrence of infections, increasing the growth and development of babies, increasing breastfeeding, and increasing the bond between mother and baby.

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