Preparation of School Children from the side of a Clinical Psychologist

Preparation of School Children from the side of a Clinical Psychologist

Hello Hermina's friends, what can we prepare if the child wants to go to school? Have you prepared well enough? Come on, read this article and pay attention to the Children's Milestone.

What are the levels of development that children must reach at a certain age?


Rough motoric

Engaging big muscles, jumping, climbing, dancing, throwing catch

this is the start for another development

Fine Motor

Involves small muscles, eye and hand coordination, holding, writing, drawing

This helps children to participate in academic activities at school



Able to speak good vocabulary or clear articulation, interested in new words and their meanings, able to count fingers, hear and repeat important things and stories, able to name days of the week,

If the child is not able to, it will experience obstacles in academic acceptance at school



Shows interest in other children and plays with them, participates in games, can follow the rules of the game

This is very important for the child's ability to adjust to the school environment


Children learn to manage the emotions they feel, help recognize feelings in children, get to know the environment so that they can handle conflicts together


Child Growth & Development

What Will Happen If The Child Is Not Ready?

1. Reluctant to go to school

2. Bored at school

3.Cry when going to school/study

4. It is difficult to follow learning at school

5. Learning achievement decreases

6.Minder / decreased self-confidence

7. Experiencing Bullying

8.Stress in children

9. Feeling worthless / Low Self-Esteem

10.Feeling stupid / will not be able to do

11. Doubtful / unsure of yourself / self-decision


Stimulation is given according to age and is given continuously so that it is routine so that its development can run according to age. If Friends of Hermina have problems, consult our Clinical Psychologist at Hermina Hospital Balikpapan and contact us at 1500488. Best regards, Hermina's friends.

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