Good Breastfeeding Preparation And Techniques

Good Breastfeeding Preparation And Techniques

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Breast milk is mother's milk which is the main source of nutrition for babies who are not yet able to consume solid food. Breastfeeding for babies is recommended until your little one is 2 years old. After turning 6 months old, babies are usually given complementary food for ASI (MPASI). However, breastfeeding is recommended to continue until the age of 2 years.

There are many reasons why giving exclusive breastfeeding to babies for 6 months is very important. Milk, which is produced naturally by the mother's body, has the nutrients needed by your beloved baby. In addition, giving exclusive breastfeeding will also provide a number of benefits for the mother.

Benefits of Breast Milk

Benefits for Babies

Contains nutrients (nutrients) that are suitable for babies

Contains protective substances

Has a beneficial psychological effect

Cause good growth

Reducing dental caries on teeth

Reducing the incidence of malocclusion (abnormal position or arrangement of teeth and jaws)

Benefits of Breast Milk for Mothers

Health aspect

Psychological Aspects

Aspects of Family Planning
Steps to prepare a mother to be mentally ready to breastfeed:

Give encouragement to mothers by ensuring that every mother is able to breastfeed her baby

Convince the mother of the benefits of breastfeeding

Helping mothers overcome their doubts because they have had problems with breastfeeding in the past

Include husbands or other family members who play a role in the family

Correct Breastfeeding Steps

Before breastfeeding, wash the mother's hands first, milk is released a little. Then smeared on the nipples and the surrounding areola

The baby is placed facing the mother's stomach / breast

Mother sits or lies relaxed

The baby is held by one arm

One baby's hand is placed behind the mother's body, and one in front

The baby's stomach is against the mother's body, the baby's head is facing the breast

The baby's ears and arms lie in a straight line

mother looks at baby with affection

The breast is held with the thumb on top and the other finger supporting it below

Babies are stimulated to open their mouths (rooting reflex) in a way

Touching the cheek with the nipple or

Touch the side of the baby's mouth

After the baby opens the mouth, quickly bring the baby's head closer to the mother's breast with the nipple and areola inserted into the baby's mouth

Milk Production Technique

Expressing milk by hand

Releasing breast milk with a breast pump Releasing breast milk with a breast pump can be manual, battery operated, or electric operated. Pump selection is individualized in terms of how effective the pump is in emptying the breast and stimulating milk production. When pumping breast milk, wash your hands thoroughly first.

Next, how to remove the baby's sucking, namely:

The mother's little finger is inserted into the baby's mouth through the corner of the mouth

The baby's chin is pressed down

Burp the baby
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