Headache after intercourse

Headache after intercourse

Some people have experienced sudden headaches during sex or after orgasm. These attacks are generally harmless and can be prevented with certain techniques.
Headaches that occur during or after sex are often referred to as coital cephalgia. It is estimated that this disorder affects 1% of couples and most of the sufferers are men between the ages of 20 - 30 years.


These headaches usually occur at the base of the skull before orgasm during sexual activity, including masturbation. There are three fairly typical types of headaches associated with sexual activity, namely:
  • The first type. Generally, pain is felt on both sides, especially at the back of the head. Pain often feels higher in intensity as sexual arousal increases.
  • ​​​​​The second type is a headache that comes on suddenly and is throbbing. Generally arise shortly before or during orgasm. This type of pain can also start at the back of the head and can spread throughout the head.
The third type is generally felt all over the head and is affected by position.

The diagnosis of coital cephalgia is generally determined based on the results of a detailed medical interview and an in-person physical examination. In addition, certain investigations may also be performed if necessary, such as: Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), Computerized tomography (CT), Cerebral angiogram, or spinal cord fluid collection (lumbar function).



In most cases, it generally does not require treatment and will subside on its own. However, if the doctor finds other causes for the condition of the neck and head blood vessels, certain treatment is needed.

In such cases, the condition of the disorder needs to be addressed first to address the real source of the problem. If no other problems are found, the doctor may advise to temporarily avoid sexual activity while the pain is still felt. In addition, doctors can also prescribe certain medications to reduce the pain experienced.
n individuals who experience coital cephalgia, in general, doctors can recommend sexual activity with a lower intensity to prevent complaints. Adjustment of the position during sexual activity also needs to be tried to find out the best position that relieves pain complaints. Relaxation exercises or flexibility exercises such as yoga are good to do, to help reduce headaches.

So that your sexual activity remains comfortable, you can always communicate with your partner about the health problems you are experiencing. You can also take painkillers or lie down for at least an hour or two when the headache strikes.

Immediately consult your health to dr. Nita Nathania Agustin, Sp.S, she is a Neurologist at Hermina Pasteur Hospital if you have a similar pain.


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