Male circumcision: when is the right time?

Male circumcision: when is the right time?

Many already know that, apart from being obligatory for Muslim men, circumcision has many health benefits, such as preventing urinary tract infections and phimosis, or pain on the head of the penis due to the foreskin or the scalp of the penis, which is firmly attached to the head of the penis. In addition, circumcision can also reduce the occurrence of penile cancer and, of course, make the health of the penis better. Besides that, infection can also inhibit the growth of a child's weight, so that it is not in accordance with the development of his age.


What is the right age for circumcision?

Many parents are afraid their children will be circumcised when they are babies, or even vice versa. Actually, there is no standard age at which it is right to perform circumcision. However, on the medical side, it's actually better if it's done earlier because healing will be faster. Children are still not very active, so most don't need general anesthesia.


Myth or Fact: do circumcised children grow bigger or taller faster?

Circumcision is simply the act of removing the foreskin, or prepuce, of the scalp of the penis. There are no specific hormones that trigger weight gain or height. In Indonesia, the average male circumcision is at the age of pre-puberty, around the age of 8–9 years, so it seems as if it makes the child look bigger and taller after being circumcised.


What should parents pay attention to after a child is circumcised?

Of course, parents must maintain the cleanliness of the postoperative area so that infection does not occur. Avoid exposure to water for about 4–5 days. The wound will usually dry in 4-5 days. During this time, parents will be given education on how to treat surgical scars, such as by applying ointment. It is recommended that children be given nutritious food with high protein content to accelerate the wound healing process after surgery.


So, there is no reason for fathers and mothers to delay their little one from having a circumcision. Because there are so many benefits. It would be better if the circumcision procedure was carried out in consultation with an expert, such as a pediatric surgeon.


Watch the Hermina Podcast episode about the full benefits of circumcision from Dr. Nanok Edi Susilo, Sp. BA, on the Hermina Hospitals YouTube channel (Click Here).

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