Lying too long can cause back pain

Lying too long can cause back pain

Hello Hermina Friends, Back pain is most often caused by muscle or joint injuries in the waist area, it can be due to the wrong body position, lifting heavy objects, or doing repetitive movements. Low back pain can also be caused by disorders of the ligaments, spine, back joints, and nerves. It can also be caused by organs in the body such as the kidneys and spleen.

Here are some possible options:

1. Cold and Hot Compress. It's a good idea to apply a cold pack or ice pack, not hot, immediately after a hip injury. Hot compresses can be given to patients who have gone through the process of swelling in the waist and remaining stiff.
2. Do not lie too long in bed. Too long lying in bed is not recommended. This is due to the occurrence of weakness in the muscles that are not used regularly, so that it can cause pain when used for activities
3. Do Physical Activity. It is most recommended to do activities that do not put a burden on the body itself, such as swimming
4. Complementary Therapy.

There are three types of back pain that can occur with different causes, namely:
1. Acute Back Pain

Acute back pain is pain that appears suddenly with several causes, such as:

-Cramping pain or damage to the spinal muscles
This condition is caused by micro-tears in muscle fibers due to excessive muscle use and not being trained properly. It is also recommended to regularly stretch the body muscles before use

- Ligament damage
Ligaments are fibrous tissue that resembles an elastic band and acts as a connector between bones in the body, damage can also occur due to excessive use or due to excess body weight.

- Disorders of the bones and joints of the spine
This can occur most often due to a serious injury such as a hard impact or a strong fall.

- Nerve structure damage
This is often accompanied by bone and joint damage, where there has been a previous hard impact. The cause of sudden damage to the nerves can almost always be known, for example, due to falling, being knocked over, excessive massage, etc.
2. Chronic Back Pain

Chronic back pain is pain that lasts for 6 months or more and is ongoing. Chronic back pain is usually more painful than acute pain and lasts longer than normal pain. This is due to the increase in the degree of pain from time to time without improvement.

Here are three common causes of chronic back pain:

- Heavy and long intensity work
Heavy work is a major risk factor for chronic low back pain, where there is degeneration of the tissue structure around the back from time to time, coupled with aging of the body, so that pain does not improve, quite the opposite.

- Severe infectious disease
Severe infections can directly affect the condition of the tissues around the back through the bloodstream, for example, spinal damage caused by bone tuberculosis, myelitis etc.
3. Backache during Pregnancy

This disease is a common condition experienced by pregnant women. There are several factors that could be the cause, namely:

- Weight gain that makes the spine work harder to support the body. Weight gain can also put pressure on the blood vessels and nerves in the pelvis and spine.
- The release of hormones that interfere with the tissue around the waist.
- Changes in body posture resulting in a change in the center of balance for pregnant women.
- Mood swings in pregnant women that cause tense waist muscles.


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