It turns out that early sexual education for children is very important,  Parents Must Know !!

It turns out that early sexual education for children is very important, Parents Must Know !!

In recent years, it has often been reported on television or social media about cases of sexual violence and sexual harassment of children, not only girls but boys too. This is not good if we only see it as a one-sided case, so that the perpetrators must be given a punishment to be a deterrent, as well as the government and other professional fields to provide education to the community in which there are parents who also have children. This of course will prevent sexual violence against children which will have an impact on the child's future. Sexual education is also a skill and knowledge that will be used by children as a provision for them to grow into adults in the future. This early sexual education can also satisfy a child's curiosity and make him not surprised by growth at puberty later and prevent children from engaging in improper sexual activity.

Therefore, let's discuss the importance of early sexual education for children. WHO explains sexuality is an integral part of everyone's personality, this is a basic need and a human aspect that cannot be separated from other aspects of life, which of course will involve thoughts, feelings, interactions, and mental health. Sexuality is not only about intimate relationships but also involves understanding the genitals, their function, gender and cleanliness.

There are many myths out there related to early sexual education including (1) giving sexual education to children makes children have sexual intercourse earlier, (2) sexual education for toddlers is taboo because children are taught sexual behavior, (3) Early childhood sex education will make children curious, (4) Sex education begins when children are teenagers.
The myth above has not been proven true, and according to research results and the facts are (1) Children will know the function of their organs, responsibilities, what can and cannot be done which will actually prevent them from having sexual intercourse when they are children/adolescents; (2) Sexual education for toddlers aims to introduce intimate organs which have functions and how to protect them; (3) Sex education has the same function as immunization which will make you immune to deviant sex; (4) Sex education cannot be done instantly, therefore it is taught according to the age stage.
Early sexual education can be given at the earliest possible age where children have started to understand the meaning of what other people or their environment say. The following things can be applied to children:
A. Recognize body parts
B. The difference between men and women
C. Distinguish between family and strangers
D. Recognize shame
E. Teaching genital cleaning
F. Get used to the child knocking on the door when going into the parent or sibling's room
G. Introduce the child to the type of touch that is allowed (above the shoulder, below the knee) and not (private/vital area)
H. Teach children to say no to touching intimate parts
I. Teach children to be aware of dangerous situations such as making them uncomfortable and violating norms
J. Condition children from an early age so that they are not used to being naked, such as getting out of the bathroom
K. When children start asking questions, parents should not ignore and be uncomfortable. Answer the child's questions honestly according to his age
Sexual education is taught step by step so that all children don't have to know it at the same time.
1. Age 0-2 years (knowing the names of body parts scientifically penis/vagina, can distinguish males and females)
2. Age 3-5 years (knowing reproduction in a simple way, for example: a baby is created from a boy and a girl and grows in the mother's womb, recognizes which parts of the body may or may not be touched or seen by other people except their parents)
As parents, we must know how to educate children about sexual education as early as possible so that children understand and understand the importance of sexual education. if you are still confused about how to teach sexual education to children, please consult a doctor or child psychologist to get an explanation of the most appropriate way to talk about this with your child.
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