Stay Calm! How to Handle Stiff Baby

Stay Calm! How to Handle Stiff Baby

Seizures are an electrical disturbance that occurs in the brain. This condition causes the reception and transmission of impulses from the brain to other parts of the body to be disrupted. Seizures can occur due to several things, such as epilepsy, injury to the brain, infection, and others. In children aged 6 months to 5 years, seizures often occur accompanied by fever or febrile seizures.

To distinguish between epilepsy and febrile seizures, one needs to see how seizures take place. In febrile seizures, there is an increase in body temperature above 38 oC. It can be said if the child has two or more seizures repeatedly at different times without the cause of the seizures. Hereditary factors are considered one of the causes of epilepsy occurring in infants. In addition, abnormalities before and after delivery and head injuries can also cause epilepsy.

Seizures in epilepsy can be in the form of rigidity of the whole body, drooping of the arms and lower legs, or twitching of the eyes and face, or they can also be a momentary loss of consciousness, such as being stunned, or suddenly falling. Then saliva foam comes out, the tongue sticks out and trembles.

The epilepsy healing process is divided into two things, namely the provision of drugs and social therapy. Patients must regularly take medication in order to recover quickly. In addition, it is also recommended to avoid stress and consult a doctor regularly. Symptoms of seizures in epilepsy can differ depending on the location of the seizure in the brain. Examinations such as EEG can be done to find out the location.


The ways to treat epileptic seizures in infants are as follows:

  • Stay calm
  • Not stopping seizures forcibly
  • Loosen clothes
  • Securing the location around the seizure
  • does not hold movement during seizures.
  • Don't put things in your mouth.
  • patient tilted


If you have a seizure complaint in a child, immediately check with a pediatrician at the nearest Hermina Hospital to find out a definite diagnosis of seizures and get the right treatment.

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