Boost Immunity With a Helathy Lifestyle

Boost Immunity With a Helathy Lifestyle

Boost Immunity With a Helathy Lifestyle
Immunity is a group of cells that function to maintain immunity in the body from attacks by viruses or bacteria. Therefore, it is important to know how to increase the body's immunity in order to keep the body healthy and fit.
The impact of the Covid 19 Pandemic on less productive daily activities has resulted in increased body weight / obesity which is influenced by irregular eating patterns such as snacking at night, mental health problems and increased sedentary time.

The Effect of Obesity on the Body's Immunity
Excess body weight causes the accumulation of fat cells in the body. Fat cells that accumulate increase inflammation or inflammation, making disease easier to enter. Then, people with metabolic syndrome such as obesity, insulin resistance will occur, impaired glucose tolerance, and ends in diabetes.
The fact is that Indonesians consume oil and fat 22% higher than the ideal. Consumption of vegetable side dishes is 21% lower than the recommendation of 95.5% of Indonesians who do not meet their needs for vegetables and fruit (WHO recommendation: 5 servings or 400 grams per day)

Components Of A Balanced Diet
The variety chosen as the combination must be from the five food groups with a certain recommended amount. It is important to measure the same main micro and macro nutrients to meet the needs of the body, for example:
1. Adjust your diet, increase your intake of vegetables & fruit, reduce your consumption of high-calorie foods
2. Meet daily hydration needs
3. Increase physical activity / sports
4. Stress management and improve sleep quality
Remember! Diet is a dietary arrangement to improve health. Not eating little or not eating.

Know Your Diet Or Regular Schedule
The way to maintain a healthy diet can be done by paying attention to the intake and content of the food consumed. In addition, the frequency of meals in a day consists of:
• 3 large meals
• 2 times interlude
• Distance between each meal 3-4 hours
• Don't skip breakfast
The right diet is a complete combination of food ingredients and the amount needed for each meal session by adjusting the age group as an indicator of our body's needs. If you have problems with a healthy diet, Hermina's friends can consult a doctor or nutritionist at the nearest health service.

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