Tips to Overcome Morning Sickness and Keep Your Content Healthy

Tips to Overcome Morning Sickness and Keep Your Content Healthy

  Morning sickness is often experienced by pregnant women. Half of all pregnant women must have experienced morning sickness. This occurs due to a drastic increase in the quantity of hormones, causing the body to experience changes in function. The body secretes 15 to 40 times more estrogen and progesterone than normal.

How to deal with morning sickness?

  1. Get around with foods that are high in protein such as meat, cheese, or tempeh
  2. Eat in small portions, but often
  3. Drink fruit juice or ginger to reduce nausea

While pregnant, expectant mothers also need to pay attention to the following so that the fetus grows well and healthy, namely:

1. Maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be done in various ways, such as:

- Eat Nutritious Food.
The diet of pregnant women must meet the nutritional and caloric needs. The calorie needs of pregnant women are higher than normal women, therefore pregnant women should eat more portions of food than non-pregnant women. Simply put, pregnant women should eat 3 times a day with a balanced menu plus 2 heavy snacks.
In early pregnancy, the need for calories is not too high. Therefore, eating as usual as before pregnancy is still normal, it's just that sometimes young pregnant women feel nauseous. But this can be circumvented by eating little but often.
- Take vitamins regularly.
To meet the needs of pregnant women, especially for the fetus, and to increase the immunity of pregnant women so they are not susceptible to disease, they must consume additional vitamin intake.
- Do not smoke and drink alcoholic beverages
Cigarettes and alcohol can harm the health and development of the fetus.
- Learn to calm down and get enough rest.
Regulate emotions to always be calm and patient. Change thoughts or anxiety that will have a negative impact on the fetus, and try to always have positive thoughts. Don't forget to pray that you will always be given health for the mother and fetus. Don't force yourself to do activities, when your body feels tired, try to take a break to recover.

2. Do some light exercise

3. Be careful in consuming drugs
Not all drugs are safe for the fetus, let alone over-the-counter drugs. To be safer, consult a doctor before taking medication so that the health and growth of the fetus is maintained.

4. Diligently Read Articles or Books
Take the time to read articles or books about pregnancy and about preparing for childbirth in your spare time so that you have broad knowledge and insight about pregnancy and some problems regarding pregnancy.

Morning Sickness may not be fun, but eating a high-protein diet, eating small but frequent meals, and drinking fruit juices can help reduce morning sickness. Don't forget to always maintain a healthy diet, exercise lightly, and consult a doctor during pregnancy so that the health of the mother and baby is maintained. Healthy greetings.


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