Tips for Recurrent Cold Cough in Children

Tips for Recurrent Cold Cough in Children


Cold cough is a complaint that is often experienced by people, both adults and children. Coughs and colds in infants and children often occur during the transition season compared to adults.

Many cases of recurring cold coughs in children, especially toddlers, so that almost every month children always go to the doctor. Why is that ? Because the body's immunity in children, especially toddlers, is not perfect. If the frequency of coughing colds does not exceed 6 times a year, then it is still within reasonable limits.

Several factors cause cold coughs in children, namely viral, bacterial and allergic infections. Most cold coughs in infants and children are caused by viruses. However, if the child has recovered, he will get immunity against the virus that triggers it. Then, if a cold cough is caused by an allergy, the symptoms are similar to a cold cough due to a virus, but it is usually more difficult and takes longer to heal if the child continues to be exposed to the triggering factor for the allergy.

  • Some things that can be done to prevent children from experiencing repeated cold coughs are:

  • 1. It is highly recommended that all toddlers get influenza vaccination in order to increase their immune system

  • 2. Do not give food such as dry snacks, cold drinks, spicy foods

  • 3. Drink lots of water and lots of vegetables and fruit

  • 4. Don't get close to someone with the flu

  • 5. Get enough sleep, with temperatures that are not too cold and air gusts don't hit the child's body directly

Some things that can be done to prevent recurrent colds include consuming fruits rich in vitamin C, drinking enough water to prevent dehydration in infants or children, eating and getting enough rest. Keep children away from foods and drinks that can exacerbate coughs and avoid allergy triggers.

If the child still has a cold cough, parents need to go to the doctor to get drug therapy according to the complaint and it also depends on the cause of the cold cough, whether due to infection or allergies.

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