Tips for Getting Pregnant After Miscarriage

Tips for Getting Pregnant After Miscarriage

Pregnancy is the most awaited thing for most married couples. Unfortunately, pregnancy can also be a traumatic thing if Sahabat Hermina has had a miscarriage. Planning to get pregnant again after a miscarriage is not easy. There will be many questions raging, for example, when is the right time to get pregnant again, is it necessary to undergo a special pregnancy program after a miscarriage, and how big is the risk of miscarriage for the second time. However, don't let this discourage Friends of Hermina. Every woman who has a miscarriage still has a chance to get pregnant again. However, there are a number of things that need to be considered while planning a pregnancy again.


When can you get pregnant again after a miscarriage?

Medically, a woman's body can ovulate again (release an egg) about 2 weeks after a miscarriage. Not only that, a woman is also safe to get pregnant again after 2-3 repeated menstrual cycles. However, pregnancy is not just a matter of physical readiness. Mental health is also an important consideration when deciding to get pregnant again. Getting pregnant again after a miscarriage depends on your own condition, the most important thing is how pregnant you have been prepared with folic acid consumption before conception can be within 1 to 3 months. The majority of miscarriages are caused by an imperfect fetus, not what the Mothers of Hermina's friends think, such as falling, slipping, going up and down stairs, or being tired. This factor only accounts for 1 percent of the causes of miscarriage in the first 3 months. Friends of Hermina must also believe that the body has an extraordinary ability to help itself to recover in conditions after a miscarriage.


How to get pregnant fast after miscarriage?

Miscarriage is indeed traumatic, but believe that Sahabat Hermina can still get pregnant again in a healthier condition. If Sahabat Hermina is ready to get pregnant again, there are several ways you can try to get a healthy pregnancy. Here are some ways to get pregnant quickly after a miscarriage that can be done, including:

1. Consult a doctor

Consultation is very important to do to find out whether the body is ready to go through pregnancy again. Also make regular visits to the doctor when you want to get pregnant again after a miscarriage so that your physical condition can be monitored properly. Especially if Friends of Hermina experience one of the following conditions, such as:

  • Have had two or more miscarriages.
  • Women over 35 years of age.
  • Have a disease that can affect pregnancy.
  • Have had fertility problems.

2. Live a balanced diet
Increase the consumption of foods to get pregnant fast, such as green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, protein, and foods rich in iron. Do not forget to take fertility vitamins to increase the chances of pregnancy after miscarriage. Drink plenty of mineral water to avoid dehydration and keep your body able to do its job properly.

3. Exercise regularly
Exercising or doing other physical activities is beneficial to increase fertility in fertile times. How to get pregnant quickly after a miscarriage on this one is also expected to speed up the fertilization process. Hermina's friends can start by walking, swimming, or jogging. At least, do exercise 3 times a week.

4. Think calm and avoid stress
Miscarriage can cause trauma and stress if not handled properly. It is very natural that Friends of Hermina have a fear of getting pregnant again after a miscarriage. However, try to give yourself positive affirmations. The reason is, stress has an impact on hormone function and ovulation. Therefore, if you want to get pregnant again after a miscarriage, keep your mind away from stress. Do whatever makes you happy and relaxes your mind like spending more time with your partner.

5. Maintain ideal body weight
Being underweight or overweight can increase your risk of experiencing fertility problems. Therefore, maintaining an ideal body weight is one of the requirements to be able to get pregnant quickly after a miscarriage.


Tips to prevent miscarriage from happening again

After experiencing a miscarriage, Friends of Hermina may focus on finding a pregnancy program in order to plan for the next pregnancy. However, make sure to also do various things so that miscarriage does not happen again. Here are a few things I recommend to prevent miscarriage later in life:

  • Perform pre-pregnancy checks to detect the risk of pregnancy early, including abnormalities.
  • Controlling blood sugar, blood pressure, weight, and other conditions that can affect pregnancy.
  • Eat a balanced nutritious diet and meet nutritional needs.
  • Actively move and exercise.
  • Husbands can play an active role in several ways. These include quitting smoking, accompanying your wife to lead a healthy life, and maintaining an ideal body weight because obesity can reduce sperm quality and ultimately increase the risk of miscarriage.

If Sahabat Hermina's body and partner are healthy, as well as other risk factors have been controlled, then the next pregnancy can be planned immediately without delaying too long. So, don't be discouraged. There is always an opportunity for Friends of Hermina to try again. Consult Hermina's Companion's pregnancy problems with the Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist at RSU Hermina Pandanaran.

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