Be wary of Dengue Shock Syndrome (DSS) in children, a potentially fatal complication of DHF.

Be wary of Dengue Shock Syndrome (DSS) in children, a potentially fatal complication of DHF.

Hermina’s Friend, the dengue fever virus tends to attack children under the age of 10 and can cause death. Most parents of children with DHF or dengue fever are afraid if the platelets start to fall, even though what is actually dangerous is not the decreased platelets. What makes dengue fever dangerous is plasma leakage. Plasma leakage is fluid in the blood vessels that leaks out of the blood vessels until it runs out. It's like a boba drink that doesn't have water; you must feel "drag," right? Well, if that happens to human blood vessels, circulation failure will occur. This circulatory failure is now called Dengue Shock Syndrome (DSS).


Dengue Shock Syndrome (DSS) will cause the body's circulation to be unable to deliver oxygen and nutrients to all organs. This is what parents should be aware of when their child has DHF.


Dengue fever has many spectrums, ranging from mild to the most severe, which is dengue shock syndrome. There are several risk factors that can exacerbate BDD in children with DSS, including:

  1. Infants under 1 year old

  2. Overweight infants and children (obesity)

  3.  I've had dengue fever before.

When should I go to the hospital immediately? 

Before carrying out laboratory checks, we still can't be sure whether this is dengue fever or not. However, we can be aware that if the pattern of fever is continuous, if we are given fever-reducing drugs, the fever will go down and come back up again. Besides that, the thing to watch out for is if the child has severe stomach pain, is vomiting, and cannot eat or drink. If the child is in this condition, immediately take him to the hospital for examination.


Can dengue fever or DSS patients be treated at home? 

The condition of children affected by DHF can be treated at home, and they do not need an assessment from a doctor. If you are allowed to be treated at home, it is necessary to be monitored by the household and also to continue to monitor the results of blood tests every 24 hours. Make sure the child can eat and drink, and that he or she has enough urine.For children affected by DHF, it is still recommended that they be treated at the hospital in order to get treatment and monitoring by the medical team. If the child is already experiencing DSS, he will be treated intensively in the PICU (Pediatric Intensive Care Unit) room to monitor heart rate, respiration, and urine production.


Can date honey and guava juice cure DHF or DSS? 

Until now, there has been no strong enough evidence to prove that date honey and guava juice can increase platelets. Platelets will rise by themselves when they enter the healing phase.


Hermina friends, immediately take the child to the hospital if you experience the above symptoms!

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