“Lower Back pain alert! Recognize the symptoms."

“Lower Back pain alert! Recognize the symptoms."

Hello Hermina friends, almost 80% of all humans actually experience back pain, usually upper back pain around the neck. You also need to watch out for lower back pain. Low back pain consists of the lower middle (thoracic) spine, there are 5 bones that make up the structure of the lower spine. These bones bend inward. the lower (lumbar) spine supports the top of the spine and is connected to the pelvis. These bones bear most of your body weight and the pressure when you lift or carry things. Therefore, many spinal problems occur in the lower back. If the pain extends all over the lower spine, it could be lower back pain. The structures in this area are muscles, the spine has cushions between the bones and nerves as well. pain in the waist or lower backbone that can be felt up to the buttocks and thighs. In some cases, the pain felt by the sufferer can spread to the legs.


What Are the Symptoms of Lower Back Pain?

Friends of Hermina must also pay attention that the lower back is composed of the spine, ligaments and muscles, which is a part of the body with a strong structure, and plays an important role in supporting the body when standing upright or when moving in various directions.

So, Hermina's best friend, here are the symptoms of lower back pain, namely

1. Back pain that feels like being stabbed or electrocuted.

2. Back pain can be felt only in the back or extends to other parts of the body, for example, spreading to the legs.

3. Pain is felt in certain positions, such as when sitting or walking, but improves when standing or lying down.

4. Back pain recurs or gets worse after lifting heavy objects.

5. Back pain can be accompanied by muscle twitches (spasms).

Low back pain can last from a few days to a few weeks, but usually lasts less than 6 weeks. This pain can be caused by a number of things, such as injury from a fall or impact, excessive body movement, or lifting heavy loads. And usually, Hermina's best friend, lower back pain can also be caused by the wrong movement when doing something, such as lifting a gallon of water incorrectly, sitting in a chair in an incorrect position and also often lifting heavy objects in an incorrect position.


Is it true that Lower Back Pain is due to age?

Usually what often happens at the age of around 40 years and over As you get older, there will be weakness in the tissues in the joint spaces, so that the spinal discs protrude. Friends of Hermina, don't ever ignore it if an elderly person at home has back pain for more than 2 weeks. It could be spondylosis. This disease generally affects the spine in the neck, but it is not uncommon for this condition to be experienced in the back to the back of the waist and cause lower back pain.

Even Hermina's best friend at a young age can experience symptoms of lower back pain


There is nothing wrong with preventing back pain in the elderly so that this condition does not cause worse health problems. Do routine bone health checks, always be careful not to get injured, and eat a variety of healthy foods to maintain bone strength. Usually in some cases, arthritis can cause narrowing of the joints and vertebrae, causing pain.


Deformities and osteoporosis of the spine Deformities of the spine, such as kyphosis and osteoporosis can put pressure on nerves and cause pain. Disorders of the spinal nerves This condition can occur as a result of inflammation, pressure, injury, or a tumor pressing on the spinal nerves. Usually at a young age what often happens is kidney stones. usually lower back pain due to kidney stones is felt only on one side of the back, and the pain feels sharp. and usually overweight or obese, rarely exercise, lift excessive weights and have a job that requires a lot of sitting, bending, or lifting heavy objects, smoking, wearing high heels too often.


What Steps Can Treat Lower Back Pain?

Now, how do you deal with lower back pain? The first steps that can be taken at home to relieve symptoms and prevent recurrence of low back pain are:

1. Exercise regularly

2. Maintain good posture not obesity

3. Lose weight

4. Avoid stress.

5. Quit smoking

Stay Healthy, Friends of Hermina Bitung, if you have complaints of lower back pain, you can go to a neurologist.

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