Beware of Children's Diseases Due to Hot Weather!

Beware of Children's Diseases Due to Hot Weather!

Hello friend Hermina, the hot weather in Indonesia is not ending, it is even estimated at 34-36c. Weather conditions like this mean that Hermina's friends need to pay extra attention to their children. Because a child's immune system is not yet perfect, hot weather can be a factor that triggers disease,

What are the illnesses caused by hot weather in children:

1. Dengue fever

The transition from the rainy season to the transition season is the most vulnerable time for dengue fever. Because dengue mosquitoes breed in the rainy season by laying eggs in places that are flooded with water.

The transition from the rainy season to the transition season is the time when dengue fever mosquitoes reach adulthood and transmit the dengue virus to humans through their bites. It turns out that during the transition from rainy season to summer you need to be wary of Dengue Fever mosquitoes.

2. Cough and cold

Coughs and colds in children are synonymous with the rainy season. However, this does not mean that this condition cannot occur in children when hot weather arrives.

Children are susceptible to coughing and colds in hot weather because high temperatures and dry air can cause irritation of the respiratory tract. The risk of coughs and colds getting worse because exposure to air pollution and dusty places triggers coughs and colds.

3. Skin disease

Itching due to allergies and sunburn can also occur in children during hot weather. Dry skin conditions are easier to itch and scratch, resulting in wounds appearing which make it easier for germs to infiltrate and cause infection.

4. Dehydration and heatstroke

Hot weather definitely makes it easier to experience dehydration or lack of fluids. Because what Friends of Hermina Bitung need to know is that high temperatures and dry air make body fluids evaporate more quickly through the skin pores.

Hot weather can also cause heatstroke, especially if children are outside the house for too long. Hermina's friends can take precautions such as:

• Wear clothes that are loose, light colored and made from light materials when you want to leave the house.

• Wear a hat with a wide brim.

• Apply sunscreen to the skin with an SPF of at least 30.

• Adequate fluid intake to keep the body hydrated

• Avoid strenuous outdoor activities when the weather is hot.

Consult Hermina Bitung Hospital with Pediatrician Dr. Irene Arini, SpA if you experience illness due to hot weather.



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