Let's Dare to Detect Early Breast Cancer

Let's Dare to Detect Early Breast Cancer

Have you ever felt that your breasts are abnormal or sometimes painful to the touch in certain positions? It is important to be aware of this condition, especially if symptoms such as pain are getting worse. because it could be a sign you are experiencing breast problems, including breast cancer. Early detection of breast cancer is a must for every woman. The earlier the disease is detected, the sooner it can be treated to prevent its spread. However, what are the right steps for early detection of breast cancer? Regular self-examination can help you protect yourself from breast cancer. Breast cancer is the cancer with the highest number of cases and is one of the main causes of cancer death because most breast cancer patients come for treatment at an advanced stage. In fact, if detected early and treated immediately, cancer can be defeated.

The following are steps from the Indonesian Cancer Foundation that you can follow when doing BSE 7–10 days after menstruation:

  1. Stand straight. Observe if there are changes in the shape and surface of the breast skin, swelling, and/or changes in the nipples. The shape of the right and left breasts is not symmetrical. Don't worry; it's normal.
  2. Raise your arms up, bend your elbows, and position your hands behind your head. Push your elbows forward and look closely at your breasts, and push your elbows back and look at the shape and size of your breasts.
  3.  Position your hands on your waist, lean your shoulders forward so your breasts hang down, and push your elbows forward, then tighten (contract) your chest muscles.
  4. Raise your left arm up and bend your elbow so that your left hand is holding the top of your back. Using the fingertips of your right hand, touch and press on the breast area, and examine all parts of the left breast down to the armpit area. Make up-and-down movements, circular movements, and straight movements from the edge of the breast to the nipple, and vice versa. Repeat the same movement on your right breast.
  5. Pinch both nipples. Observe if there is fluid coming out of the nipples. Consult a doctor if this happens.
  6. In the lying position, place a pillow under the right shoulder. Raise your arms up. Look at the right breast and do the three movement patterns as before. Using the tips of your fingers, press all over the breasts up to the armpits.

 Avoid Foods That Cause Breast Cancer

  1. Burnt red meat Steak or satay is delicious, but the effect is not good for your breast health. Therefore, you should limit your consumption to no more than 500 grams a week. Pay attention to how it is cooked, like burning, because it forms heterocyclic amines (HCAs). HCAs are suspected to have the potential to cause breast cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, and prostate cancer.
  2. Alcohol Several studies confirm that alcohol consumption increases a woman's risk of breast cancer. The safe limit for drinking alcohol is one glass a day. What's more, your risk of developing breast cancer increases by 11% for every glass of alcohol you drink.
  3. Sugar The sweet taste can turn out to be "bitter." Consuming too much sugar will increase insulin levels. Based on research, insulin is the main promoter of tumor growth. When insulin is present in high amounts in the blood, it also increases circulating free estrogen levels.
  4. High-Fat Milk and Its Processed Products Several studies say people who consume high-fat milk and cheese have a higher risk of developing cancer. The researchers estimate that it is related to estrogen. This hormone is fat-soluble, so it is found in higher concentrations in high-fat milk than in low-fat milk. Some types of breast cancer have estrogen receptors and are fed by estrogen.
  5. Processed meat The researchers found that an ingredient used as a preservative in processed meats such as sausages, ham, and bacon morphs into a cancer-causing substance once in the body. So, resist your urge to eat hotdogs. If you can't stand it, eat processed meat only on special occasions.

Well, now you can do your own physical examination by applying the methods that have been mentioned. By going to the doctor early, it is hoped that any breast cancer that occurs can be treated immediately. In this way, possible side effects can be avoided. You can also have annual checkups to check your overall health. To increase endurance, don't forget to complete it with vitamins or supplements; if necessary, consult a doctor.












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