Hermina Metland Cibitung


standing on a land area of ​​14,472m2 with a building area of ​​6,496m2, RS Hermina Metland Cibitung which is a member of the 42nd Hermina Hospitals, is one of the largest General Hospitals in Bekasi Regency which has a variety of excellent services and facilities according to the standards of the Hermina Hospital. With a 4-storey building and 100 beds and an Executive Polyclinic facility, it will make patients visiting Hermina Metlan Hospital Cibitung feel comfortable.


I. Outpatient Polyclinic
A. Specialist and Sub Specialist Consultation Services
1. Midwifery Consultation
& Gynecological Diseases
2. Child Health Consultation
3. Internal Medicine Consultation
4. Neurology Consultation
5. Ear Nose Throat Consultation
6. Surgical Consultation
7. Dental & Dental Specialist Consultation
8. Dermatology & Venereology Consultation
9. Anesthesia Consultation

B. Excellent Service
1. Growth and Development Clinic (KTK)
2. Perinatology
4. Specialistic Teeth

C. Emergency Services (24 hours)

II. Inpatient
1. Treatment of Obstetrics and Gynecology,
Children and General
2. Perinatology Care
3. Intensive Services (NICU, PICU and ICU)

III. Medical Action Services
1. Operating Room
2. Maternity Room

IV. Other Services & Facilities
1. 24 Hours Ambulance
2. Radiology
3. Pharmacy
4. Laboratory- Clinical Pathology
5. Home Visits
6. Prenatal Courses
7. Lactation Course
8. Pregnant Exercise
9. Baby Care Course
10. Baby Massage Course
11. Postpartum Gymnastics Course
12. Health Seminar
13. Nursing Room, Playground
14. Cafeteria


24 hour emergency room emergency room
Every day according to the Doctor's Practice Schedule
Inpatient Visit Hours
During the Pandemic Inpatient Visits are eliminated*

Contact us

Hermina Metland Cibitung
Perumahan Metland Cibitung, desa Telagamurni, Kec. Cikarang Barat, Kab. Bekasi.
Phone : (021) 8836 2626 (Hunting), Fax. (021) 8835 2626 
Email : marketing.metlandcibitung@herminahospitals.com
Call Center 1500 488


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