dr. Dahler Sandana Siregar, M.Ked(OG), SpOG

dr. Dahler Sandana Siregar, M.Ked(OG), SpOG

 Obstetrics and gynaecology

 Hermina Pekanbaru

Dokter kandungan adalah dokter yang mendalami kesehatan sistem reproduksi wanita. Dokter yang sering juga disebut sebagai dokter spesialis obstetri dan ginekologi atau disingkat 'obgin' inilah yang utamanya berperan dalam membantu memeriksa ibu hamil, membantu persalinan, dan perawatan setelah persalinan.
Pregnant Positive, But No Fetus in the Womb?

Empty pregnancy is the process of fertilization but no embryo or fetus is formed, the gestational sac continues to develop but the baby will not be formed. Actually the process that occurs in an empty pregnancy is almost no different from a normal pregnancy. However, on its journey, the placenta...

Let's Know What is Cancer Service

Cervical cancer is a malignancy originating from the cervix. The cervix is the lower third of the uterus, is cylindrical in shape, protrudes and communicates with the vagina through the external uterine os. Data from Riskesdas in 2013 and 2018 showed an increase in cancer prevalence in Indonesi...

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