dr. Dwi Indriani Lestari, Sp.KFR

dr. Dwi Indriani Lestari, Sp.KFR

 Physical medicine and rehabilitation

 Hermina Tangkuban Perahu

Dokter rehabilitasi medis (Sp.RM) adalah dokter spesialis yang berperan membantu memulihkan fungsi tubuh pasien yang mengalami gangguan atau kecacatan. Dengan bantuan dokter rehabilitasi medis, pasien diharapkan dapat memiliki kualitas hidup yang lebih baik.
Parents Must Know! What affects a child's growth and development?

Who is included in the category of children? According to the WHO definition, the age limit for a child is from the time the child is in the womb until the age of 19 years. The difference in this age range also needs to be understood by parents, because parents need to understand in order to be...

Mother Must Know! Detecting and Educating Children with Special Needs

Every child who gets older, of course will experience an increase in weight and height. Mama and Papa also need to know the development of the baby. Actually, every child has a different growth process. Often Mama and Papa do not realize when the baby has a developmental delay. Here's what pa...

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