Dr. Friens August Decroly P.  Sinaga, Sp.JP, FIHA

Dr. Friens August Decroly P. Sinaga, Sp.JP, FIHA

 Cardiology - (Heart and Blood Vessels)

 Hermina Kemayoran

Sports and Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Sudden cardiac death is the swift and unexpected ending of all heart activity. Breathing and blood flow stop right away. Within seconds, the person becomes unconscious and dies. Athletes in outdoor sports, who are less likely to encounter flying baseballs, face a much lower risk of commotio...

Cold Weather and Cardiovascular Disease: Understanding Angina and Its Risk Factors

Cold weather often serves as a trigger for various health issues, especially for those vulnerable to cardiovascular diseases. In such conditions, the risk of angina, a condition involving chest pain due to insufficient oxygen supply to the heart muscles, may increase. This article aims to explai...

Characteristics of Heart Disease in Women: Recognize and Treat Early

Heart disease is a deadly disease that does not recognize gender. However, in fact, the symptoms and characteristics of heart disease in women are often different from those in men. This can lead to delays in diagnosis and treatment, increasing the risk of complications. This article discusse...

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