dr. Indra Sandinirwan, Sp.A, FISQua, FRSPH

dr. Indra Sandinirwan, Sp.A, FISQua, FRSPH


 Hermina Sukabumi

Recognize Blood Vessel Tumors (Hemangiomas) in Children, Is It Dangerous?

General Description Infantile hemangioma (HI) is a type of vascular tumor that forms due to excessive growth of blood vessel cells (vascular endothelial cells). This condition can occur in newborns and is seen as red spots or a thickening of the skin. A small proportion of infantile hemangiom...

Stiff Child's Body, Beware of Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy (CP), or cerebral palsy, is a developmental disorder in childhood. The disorder is indicated by abnormalities in muscle tone, posture or body position, motor coordination, and other accompanying neurological disorders. Cerebral Palsy is actually not a congenital disease. The pr...

Maintain Kidney Health In Children

Kidney function in the body The kidneys are two oval, bean-shaped organs located at the back of the abdominal cavity. The size of an adult kidney is generally 3 cm thick, 6 cm wide, and about 11–12 cm long. The internal structure of the kidney will grow and develop until the age of 6–12 years...

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