dr. Khilyatul Baroroh,Sp.P

dr. Khilyatul Baroroh,Sp.P


 Hermina Pekalongan

Telah bergabung dokter spesialis paru di RS Hermina Pekalongan, dr. Khilyatul Baroroh, Sp. P @khilyatulbaroroh . Pelayanan poli paru dari hari senin - jumat : 15.00 - 17.00 WIB, Kami melayani pasien dengan BPJS kesehatan, Asuransi Swasta, Perusahaan, dan umum.
Let's Get to Know the Spirometry Test Closer

A basic physical examination is often not enough to determine the diagnosis of the disease. Investigations such as spirometry are needed, especially to detect lung disease. This examination is useful for measuring lung capacity and function as well as diagnosing certain lung diseases. The doc...

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