dr. Khomainy Alamsyah, Sp.OG (K)-Obginsos, MM (RS)

dr. Khomainy Alamsyah, Sp.OG (K)-Obginsos, MM (RS)

 Obstetrics and gynaecology

 Hermina Sukabumi

Pregnant Women Stay Comfortable Without Morning Sickness

Who is Hermina's friend here who is experiencing morning sickness (nausea and vomiting) during pregnancy? Pregnancy is certainly the most anticipated moment for all couples. However, the beginning of pregnancy is a period that is not easy for Hermina's friends to get through. In this phase, Herm...

Menopause at a Young Age, Is It Possible?

Hermina's friends are certainly familiar with the word menopause, which often occurs in older women, but is it true that menopause only occurs in older women? And what can happen when women experience menopause? Menopause at a Young Age: Is It Possible?   Menopause is a condition that...

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