dr. Monika Natasha, Sp.OG

dr. Monika Natasha, Sp.OG

 Obstetrics and gynaecology

 Hermina Pandanaran

dr. Monika Natasha, Sp.OG merupakan dokter spesialis kebidanan dan kandungan RS Hermina Pandanaran yang mendalami kesehatan sistem reproduksi wanita. Selain itu, dokter yang sering juga disebut sebagai dokter spesialis obstetri dan ginekologi (obgyn) yang utamanya berperan dalam membantu memeriksa ibu hamil, membantu persalinan, dan perawatan setelah persalinan. Meski sebenarnya beragam kondisi dan penyakit yang memengaruhi sistem reproduksi wanita juga dapat ditangani oleh dokter kandungan.
Spotting in early pregnancy, normal or dangerous?

At a relatively young gestational age, pregnant women are still vulnerable to various conditions. One of the conditions that makes pregnant women very worried is when they experience bleeding. The reason is bleeding is always synonymous with serious conditions such as miscarriage. However, not a...

Getting to know the amniotic fluid and its problems

Amniotic fluid is a protective fluid for the fetus that is in the uterus and amniotic sac during pregnancy. In addition to allowing the fetus to move freely in the uterus before birth, amniotic fluid also functions to support the development of fetal organs, and to maintain a stable temperature ...

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