dr. Muhammad Firdaus Kamil, Sp.PD

dr. Muhammad Firdaus Kamil, Sp.PD

 Internal Medicine

 Hermina Sukabumi

Ulcer Disease: Causes, Symptoms, and How to Overcome It So It Doesn't Recur

Hermina's friends, of course, have often heard about stomach ulcers. This disease, which is also called dyspepsia, causes pain and discomfort in the stomach. Discomfort in the stomach is the cause of various conditions and is not a disease. However, it is a symptom of a disease. Curing this d...

Beware of HIV Transmission and Recognize the Dangers

HIV is a very dangerous virus. The way this virus works is by attacking the immune system, which is very important so that the body can independently fight disease germs that will enter. Until now, there has been no drug that can fight HIV. It is very important to be aware of HIV transmission. ...

Easy Steps to Maintain Body Health

As friends of Hermina know, health is the most important and priceless thing. For this reason, many of us are willing to do various things to keep our bodies healthy and fit. In the midst of the intense physical activity that Hermina Friends do every day, Hermina Friends should not neglect their...

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