dr. Richard Santosa, SpB

dr. Richard Santosa, SpB


 Hermina Pekanbaru

Dokter Spesialis Bedah Umum adalah dokter spesialis yang mengobati penyakit, cedera, atau kondisi gawat darurat pada tubuh melalui metode bedah (operatif) dan obat-obatan. Dalam menangani pasien, dokter bedah umum bertugas merawat pasien pada saat sebelum, selama, dan setelah prosedur pembedahan. Saat prosedur bedah dilakukan, dokter bedah bekerja sama dengan dokter anestesi dan perawat di ruang operasi dalam menangani pasien.
Sprain Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

A sprain is a stretching or tearing of a ligament, the fibrous tissue that connects two bones together at a joint. The most common location for sprains is in the ankle. When a sprain, one or maybe all three experience excessive stretching or even tearing. As a result, movement becomes limited an...

Benefits of Circumcision for Health that Need to be Known

Circumcision is the process of removing or cutting a portion of the skin covering the head of the penis. For some men, circumcision is not a must. Uncircumcised men need extra care to keep the penis clean properly and make sure there is no residual soap that can irritate the sensitive skin on th...

Appendicitis, from symptoms to causes, here are the facts

Appendicitis is an inflammation of the appendix vermicularis, and is the most common cause of acute abdomen in children and adults. Acute appendicitis is the most common surgical emergency in children and adolescents. The incidence of appendicitis in Indonesia according to data released by the I...

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