drg. Sholeh Ardjanggi, Sp.KG

drg. Sholeh Ardjanggi, Sp.KG

 Dentistry - (Conservation of Teeth (Endodontics) )

 Hermina Kendari

Dokter spesialis konservasi gigi secara garis besar bertanggung jawab dalam perawatan saraf pada gigi yang mati atau sisa akar, pemutihan gigi, penambalan gigi berlubang, perbaikan estetika gigi,
Still Small But Have Teeth Problems? Listen to the explanation!

Most parents who already have children pay attention to the growth of their children's teeth, but there are also parents who are indifferent to paying attention to the health and growth of their children's teeth. This is what causes some children to experience problems with tooth growth. For thi...

Do you often have tooth pain? Beware of Cavities

Often patients feel pain in their teeth suddenly, this is certainly not a common thing and the cause is unknown. One of the most common causes of tooth pain is a cavity in the tooth. Holes in the teeth themselves arise due to not cleaning the teeth when brushing, lack of control by the dentist e...

Do not be Wrong! This is the Difference between Veener and Teeth Bleaching

The right and proper way to clean your teeth at home is by brushing your teeth 2 (two) times a day, morning and night before going to bed and always having regular dental health checks with the dentist for 6 (six) months or 2 (two) times a day. a year. Then, if there is still something yellow, i...

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