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Gigi Spesialistik

Dental Specialties Services

Hermina Hospitals have various dental specialties services that consist of:

Conservative Dentistry
Conservative Pediatric Dentistry
Oral and Maxillofacial S...

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Growth and Development Clinic

Growth and Development Clinic (GDC)

Growth and Development Clinic (GDC) is a clinic that aims to help parents in nurturing/managing their children's growth and development to achieve their ...

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Hermina Hospitals provides services for adult and pediatric hemato-oncology patients that consists of:

Blood abnormalities such as hemophilia, anemia, thalassemia, and ot...

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Integrated Heart and Vascular Services Hermina Hospitals Depok

Integrated Heart and Vascular Services at Hermina Depok Hospital

Hermina Depok Hospital has established Pediatric and Adult Heart Surgery Services as a part of our Integrated Heart and Vasc...

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Perina, NICU, PICU

Perinatology wards are wards for newborn babies (o-1 month-year-old) with less than ideal but non-critical conditions that require medical observation. Our perinatology wards are well-equipped...

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