The Republic of Seychelles Delegation Visited PT Medikaloka Hermina Tbk to Collaborate Strategically in Health

The Republic of Seychelles Delegation Visited PT Medikaloka Hermina Tbk to Collaborate Strategically in Health

PT Medikaloka Hermina Tbk warmly welcomed the visit of the high delegation of the Republic of Seychelles consisting of Health Minister H.E. Mrs. Peggy Vidot, Minister of Land and Housing H.E. Mr. Billy Rangasamy, Ambassador of Seychelles Nico Barito, Chairman of the Board of Health Agency Mr. Cyril Bonnelame, Chief Executive Officer of Health Agency Dr. Danny Louange, Chief Executive Officer of Seychelles Infrastructure Agency, Mr. Jitesh Shah, Chief Nursing Officer of the Ministry of Health Dr. Gylian Mein, and Managing Director of EkoArkitek Mr. Paul Jim Lesperance.

The visit, which runs from January 31 to February 01, 2024 at Hermina Tower and Hermina Kemayoran Hospital, Central Jakarta, has a strategic goal to realize close collaboration in the health sector between Indonesia and the Seychelles Republic in Indonesia.

“We believe this collaboration will create significant innovations in quality professional healthcare, serving patients at all levels. Through this cooperation, we hope to have a positive impact not only on the people of Indonesia and the Seychelles but also extend to the African continent.” Nico Barito, Ambassador of Seychelles.

Visit activities begin by visiting various facilities at Hermina Kemayoran Hospital, followed by discussion and exchange of information related to the flow of hospital processes, discussing collaboration programs for outpatient and inpatient patients, ICU handling procedures and Emergency Gawat Units, until identification of health excellence centers for medical teams in Seychelles to the African continent in accordance with the implementation already owned by Hermina Hospital.

The presence of visit and collaboration of PT Medikaloka Hermina with the Republic of Seychelles is expected to be an important milestone in an effort to improve the quality of healthcare. This collaboration aims not only to benefit the people in Indonesia and the Seychelles, but also to be the foundation for sustainable healthcare systems at the global level, especially in the African continent. In addition, the hope of this collaboration is to realize a significant positive impact in improving quality of life and public health through synergies between Hermina Hospital and the Seychelles Republic.

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