Free ultrasound examination with Bank Jateng employees

Free ultrasound examination with Bank Jateng employees

Hello Hermina Friends,

On Thursday, November 17 2022 Hermina Pandanaran Hospital with dr. Monika Natasha, Sp.OG @dr.monika.spog (Obstetrician & Gynecology Specialist) provides free ultrasound examinations and consultations regarding pregnancy and childbirth with Pregnant Women Bank JATENG Employees.

It is hoped that with this examination, pregnant women can always monitor the health condition of the fetus.

For friends of Hermina who need information about pregnancy and childbirth, please contact the PMO (Personal Maternity Officer) who will help provide information about pregnancy or childbirth via WA:
Bd. Lian : 081326154283
Bd. Elys : 085600001931

Healthy with Hermina

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