Hermina Hospitals Supports Smilemotion 2023 Campaign for Children With Cleft Lip

Hermina Hospitals Supports Smilemotion 2023 Campaign for Children With Cleft Lip

Hermina Hospitals participated in support of Smilemotion 2023 event organized by the Faculty of Dentistry of Padjadjaran University in Kiara Artha Park, Bandung on Saturday, November 25, 2023.

Smilemotion is a campaign and charity activity that aims to increase awareness and knowledge of the condition of children with cleft lipin terms of preventive, curative, and rehabilitative through charity concert events starring famous musicians in Indonesia and collaboration with cleft lipin children.

Hermina Hospitals also provides support and enliven charity concert events, one with free health checking facilities and exciting games from representatives of Hermina Nusantara Hospital, Hermina Pasteur, Arcamanik, and Soreang. The charity results of the event will be channeled through the Patient Development Foundation of Cleaning and Ceiling (YPPCBL), 6 children begin undergoing cleft lip surgery and mouth ceiling in November with the support of Hermina Hospital.

One of the highlights of the event is “A Day With YPPCBL” which is a pre-maintenance event Smilemotion (Charity Concert). This exciting activity involves the participation of children with cleft lips and mouth ceilings, encouraging them to express their creativity through painting art on canvas. The initiative also provides opportunities for children with lip and ceiling cracks to share their daily experiences, fostering confidence as others like.

Hermina Hospital’s involvement in this event is expected to provide inspiration and encourage wider public awareness and affection towards individuals affected by the lip cracks and mouth ceiling. Hermina Hospital’s commitment reflects shared dedication to positive impact on the lives of those facing this challenge.

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